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Throughout the following lines, you will find five major engineering printing tips to avoid excess printing as well as an optimal quality.

If your engineering company is like most, most probably you are printing way too much and without an optimal outcome.

This is because more than fifty percent of engineer offices do not set a proper print policy and do not monitor usage or costs. Because of this, engineer prints or engineering-related print expenses usually stay below the radar and go unnoticed. However, many engineering businesses spend as much on printing as they actually spend on office materials on rent.

It is precisely this lack of perception that makes engineering printing an obvious target when it comes to immediate development. Here are a few aspects to consider when it comes to saving money and improving quality with engineering printing.

You should be Tracking Printer Usage

It has been demonstrated through several studies that corporate print volumes drop by more than ten percent of people know they are being monitored. Studies have shown that about twenty-five percent of the things that are printed are never eventually used. With new monitoring programs, you can see who is printing what in your engineering office.

Colour can Make a Difference

A standard size color document with only six percent ink coverage costs three times the expense of a non-colored version. Hence, why are we using so much unnecessary colored ink? Well, just because it looks better and we don’t have anybody behind us looking if the colour was really necessary. Engineers printing official documents or important displays to be shown to a client are obviously worth the colored ink, but when we are printing emails with color signatures and entire webpages, we are spending so much unnecessary ink (and money). You can make it stop when it comes to the color usage right now by setting all your printers to black and white, and if they really need the color, then they will take the time to set the right configuration. Thus, engineers will choose color only if they really need it.

Go Digital

The paperless engineering world has arrived, but engineers are not fully aware yet. Paper-based files can be converted into digital engineering files and virtual workflows with something as simple as a mouse-click. Even the old-school paper lover engineers in the office can be up and running within minutes. Paper is not going to be going away anytime soon, but this new sharing technology will take us in that direction, with less a landscape where it will be more expensive and secure than printing an old-fashioned paper.

Modern Ink Ordering

We all have run out of ink when we needed it the most, run to the local printer/ink shop and dashed back to our company. Nowadays most engineering businesses have taken a step forward and advanced towards a proactive approach with printing tracing software that lets you know when there is approximately ten per centink remaining, so that you may reorder and have your replacement in order to avoid running out. This will prevent overstocking ink cartridges in your supply cabinet. But in any case, you have already stockpiled a pile of unused ink cartridges. You should have known that Sell Toner is a company that buys surplus unused printer ink & toner cartridges for cash for better rates.

A Corporate Printing Policy

The engineers in your business probably have a common understanding of what is indeed appropriate and what’s not when it comes to personal phone calls from the office, right? That’s “office policy”, but this example might differ from a corporate printing policy. However, they both share the same objective. To set a common understanding among all engineers about what is OK to do and what’s not. An engineering business printing policy is just a set of rules that helps the firm and its workers print smarter.

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