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Is your cat behaving abnormally? There are certain things that can irritate your cat and result in a change in the cat’s behavior. The reason for your cat’s unusual routines may be due to some internal issues, like your cat may get a fever or any chronic disease which regularly disturb your cat and result in the change in the change in daily life routine of your cat.

These symptoms are severe and you should concern with a vet for a regular checkup of your cat. There are also some external issues that may change the normal actions of your cat like your cat injured itself playing or fleas may attack your cats.

Here I have listed some problems that your cat may have.


Cats are not very energetic creatures. It needs some time to take a nap and conserve its energy for further activities. But if your cat is sleeping for a long time and for regular long intervals this could be a sign of fatigue. Your cat may have a hectic day and get tired after playing all day long so, a good sleep will heal its energy. If your cat sleeping more than 16 hours a day it could be a symbol of illness and it is advisable to take your cat to a vet.


If the skin of your cat suddenly becomes red or pale it may be a symptom of Frostbite. Frostbite is an infection caused due to cold or windy weather.  It means your cat may be in an open environment for a long period of time and winter has its effects on weak muscles of your cat like fingers, nose, ears, chin, or any other weak body part.

If you find such symptoms in your cat don’t haste yourself and bring your cat to a warm place where the temperature is a bit lower. Hopefully, your cat will feel well in warmth but if symptoms remain prominent for more than one week, don’t rely on your own remedy and appoint a meeting with a vet.

The red or white cat i on white studio


Is your cat walking in an unusual way or bleeding? It may be due to an injury or a small wound on its body with a scratch. While playing your cat may get injured with any object like nails, trash cans, or any harmful solid objects.

Being the owner of a cat, you must keep track of the objects that encounter with your cat in everyday life. If your cat somehow wounded you must provide it with basic first aid and a bandage.


Vomiting in cats is a common problem. There are certain reasons like food poisoning or ingesting a foreign body. If your cat vomits one to three times you can take it as normal but if vomiting continues the condition is severe which possibly a symptom of other chronic diseases. Vomiting generally leads your cat dehydrated so after vomiting, keep your cat hydrated by providing food.


Your cat plays all day long with you, you take it out for a walk, play with it in the garden, there is a small creature that can attack your cat and causes irritation like itching, constant scratching, frequently licking, and sometimes even hair loss. These fleas are so small in size that it could not be apparent on cat skin. If you are seeing such symptoms in your cat, don’t get panic, there are multiple treatments for cat fleas. The oral medication, flea powder, and some highly effective flea shampoos are in the market to get rid of such problems.

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