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What are the benefits, how will my skin react to it, is it harmful to health….there are hundreds of questions that come to everyone’s mind before using any product on the skin or hair.

If you can’t decide whether you want to stick to chemical hair dyes or switch to a natural alternative? Weighing the pros and cons and reflecting on the benefits will surely help you choose what’s best for your health.

Natural ingredients have no side effects while still delivering amazing hair colour. For centuries herbal henna and natural indigo powder have been the preferred hair dye for generations.

Natural hair dyes may not be as long-lasting or effective as their chemically formulated counterparts but when you think of the harmful effects you manage to escape with their use, it’s always comforting!

Pros of using bio organic indigo powder for hair

Completely Natural:

Choosing the right brands will ensure you get 100% pure natural indigo powder. The advantage of using herbal hair care products needs no elaboration. It’s safe and causes no harm to the skin, scalp or hair. You can be sure that your body is not being tortured with any toxic elements.


Chemically formulated products are mostly costlier than naturally derived ingredients. Pure organic indigo leaf powder from well-known companies like Indus Valley goes through a process of triple sifting to ensure you get a superfine fine powder that’s easy to mix with henna powder or apply individually. The most common recipe is to mix henna powder is with indigo powder for hair dying because it gives a marvelous black or brown effect. The cost of these two natural ingredients is way lower than the chemical alternatives from big brands.

Keeps hair and scalp healthy:

Choosing indigo powder for hair colour allows your hair and scalp to remain healthy without robbing them of the natural moisture, softness or the original hair colour. Applying henna and natural indigo powder does not lead to itchiness or scalp irritation. It also prevents infections on the scalp.

Promotes hair growth and prevents premature graying:

This all-natural hair dye, when used regularly, can solve problems of premature graying. Natural indigo powder stimulates the growth of hair. Massaging the hair with indigo oil is one of the best natural remedies for preventing untimely graying of hair. It is also a natural remedy for preventing dandruff.

Cons of using indigo powder:

Everything has a flip side and using indigo powder for hair care is no exception.


Using any natural ingredient on hair is not an instant job. It may take some time to soak and apply. Since herbs take longer than readymade hair care products to work on your hair, patience is the key! If your priority is safety and you have time to pamper yourself with the goodness of nature, nothing can beat the colouring strength of henna and indigo powder.

Needs frequent colouring:

Naturally obtained dyes tend to fade faster with every hair wash. In case the hair is washed once weekly, the indigo hair dye may start fading after three or four weeks. However, even with repeated colouring, your hair will be healthy and completely safe.


Some people find the process of soaking, mixing and applying pastes on their hair quite messy. If you want to treat your hair with natural ingredients, you have to be prepared for a little messy affair!

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