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The leather is the material which is being created through the tanning of hides, skins of animals mainly cows and pelts. Leather shoes, bags, and boots are such common items made from leather.

If you are a fashionable person whether man or woman and you have a fascination with your footwear, then it is hard to resist you from a pair of genuine leather shoes to buy. Genuine leather is mainly classy, durable, comfortable and most expensive as well. But regardless of all this, genuine leather shoes are worth the price because well-made pair of leather shoes can last years after years.

Buying Genuine leather shoes online:

Finding the shoes that are comfortable and fit to you have got a whole lot easier in recent years. Internet World has given us such facilities so that you can easily find a wide range of men’s genuine leather shoes from different brand and manufacturers. Those days are gone when you had to pay high prices for leather shoes and complaining of sore feet at the end of the day as you have walked miles from shop to shop to look for different collections of shoes and trying to choose the perfect pair. In fact, there are so many people those who always want to avoid the busy days with shops so full. For them, the Internet is always the superb option as it offers huge collections of online shoe stores so that you can focus on the collections of the leather shoes for men by sitting comfortably at your home or any other place and buy as per your choice. Just with a few clicks, you are able to select and buy the shoes. Just check the review sections and genuine of the website and go ahead to bring the genuine leather shoes online.  

The leather is mainly sold in three different forms – full grain leather sued and corrected grain leather.

Full grain leather is the form of natural leather which is made from the finest of raw materials and in this case hide is left clean and natural, only hairs have been taken away. Various forms of leather are available in the market including vegetable tanned leather, boiled leather, rawhide, alum tanned leather, and chrome tanned leather. Leather shoes for men come in a variety of styles – open laced bluchers, closed lace shoes, saddle, wingtip, kiltie and more.

One of the famous leather shoes is lace up shoe. Blucher shoes are open lace leather shoes which have the sides of the shoe sew on the front part. Another famous leather shoe is Balmoral leather shoes which are closed lace shoe where laces are sewn in a very unique way under the front part of the shoe and then the laces close over the tongue. The end result is really smooth and streamlined which has a great appearance of being constructed from only one piece of leather.

When we think about the different style of genuine leather shoes to buy, the name which comes first in our mind is Rosso Brunello. They provide the topmost high-quality genuine leather shoes in different forms including loafers, moccasins, sandals, lace-ups, burnished leather monk strap and many more. All are made in different forms of leather with various colour and style. Some are fancy in design with the fringed leather tongue; some are fashionable men’s footwear with leather embroidery which is giving a look like the spreading of a bird’s wings.

How to take care of your Leather shoe:

Taking good care of your leather shoes will help them to last for a longer time, look great and keep your feet happy. After wearing the shoes, rotate and rest your shoes to prolong life. Allow it to dry and freshen up. If possible don’t wear the same shoes two days in a row as constantly wearing the same leather shoe will hasten deterioration and give padding no chance to recover.


Another important part is to use quality wooden shoe trees. A good quality cedar shoe tree will absorb all the moisture and able to maintain the shape of the shoe and also keep it freshens. Avoid using plastic and shiny wooden shoe as it would not absorb unwanted moisture and odor from your shoe. You can even stuff with newspaper as papers can also absorb excess moisture. But replace the paper daily until the shoe is properly dry.

Also, keep this in mind that doesn’t dry your leather shoes on radiators or on an open fire. Excessive heat can cause the leather to crack, running your shoes. Room temperature is the best way to make your leather shoe dry.

So, if you are in the market of buying high-quality shoes, then genuine leathers are the only way to bring from Rosso Brunello. Give your personality another level with various collections of leather shoes of different colors, leather finishing or structural design that will provide a complement to your entire attire whether you are in the workplace, office, outings or attending any party.

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