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ITIL or IT Infrastructure Library is a framework of some of the industry’s best practices to deliver efficient IT services drafted into volumes. The current certification is carried out through a volume of 5 books that encompass numerous stages and processes in the lifecycle of IT services. It focuses on the integration of IT with business.

The current version, V3 of ITIL certification, has been arrived at through several revisions and incorporates some of the most recent developments in the management of IT services.

What does ITIL certification offer?

ITIL brings a thorough knowledge and understanding of various areas of IT services management. These areas include –

  • Fundamental principles and models related to IT service management
  • A practice of service management
  • Service lifecycle
  • Concepts of support and delivery
  • Selected roles, processes and functions
  • An understanding of architecture and technology

Why should you choose ITIL certification?

Management of IT services is an ongoing process that is updated frequently. Enterprises need equipped personnel who can manage a huge amount of data generated from planning and implementation processes up to gaining returns. In such a situation, if one is equipped with the right skills to support services related to strategy, design, operation and transition of various processes and functions, one can prove to be an invaluable resource for an organisation.

By adopting and adapting to the changing dynamics of the concern, one can establish the best practices while enhancing the quality of IT services management.

What is the course content?

The course imparts an in-depth understanding of the following concepts –

  • Value creation and customer focus; its relation to the management of IT services
  • Standards, framework and regulation
  • Four Ps and strategy mapping
  • Management of service catalogue
  • Serviceability, maintainability and reliability
  • Management of demand and its relation to PBAs

Along with these, the course also covers various other models related to the functioning of different processes.

The examination procedure for ITIL certification

The examination for obtaining ITIL certification is plain and simple. Over a one-hour duration, one needs to answer 40 questions. All of them are in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format. One needs to score at least 65% or answer 26 questions correctly to pass the exam.

Who should go for ITIL certification?

Ideally, this course provides management professionals and analysts who carry ITIL Framework’s basic understanding, a chance to gain expertise in the field. However, fresh college graduates who wish to make a career in IT service management can also go for ITIL certification.

This certification is a great opportunity for organisations as well which look forward to implementing ISO20000 standard into their practices. They can enrol some of their core employees for the certification to gain an advantage.

Now, with this detailed guide, you can understand what ITIL certification stands for and its suitability. However, make sure you choose a reputable institute to get this certification.


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