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Recruitment software for start-ups: growing your business

Running a business is not easy. It requires 100% effort to ensure everything is going well. And recruitment start-ups are challenging because of how competitive the industry is. Finding a good recruitment software system for start-ups is like half the battle won because various advantages come from having a great software partner.

If you’re a recruitment start-up entrepreneur, you will need to keep a few things in mind when looking for a software. And before you ask- yes, you will probably want to incorporate recruitment agency software for your business. It is an essential tool.

Why small businesses should use CRM software

  • Productivity
  • Automation
  • Efficiency

These three points may seem like basic advantages but it is critical to understand to what degree recruitment software impacts agencies. Absorbing the software in the daily workflow guarantees a higher degree of efficiency and productivity.


Technology plays a massive role in supporting businesses. The fast-paced and busy work requires smart tools that can enhance the way recruiters work. Generally, start-ups have limited manpower and resources at the beginning which makes it more necessary for them to find a great recruitment CRM partner.

This software’s automation features can reduce a lot of the work. And the time saved from tedious, repetitive tasks can be redirected to other activities. All this fuels efficiency and encourages productivity.

What to look out for when buying recruitment software

As mentioned above, start-ups are typically small businesses with only a handful of staff members. In recruitment, it can even be a one-person business where the recruiter will be handling everything from keeping accounts, finding candidates, advertising the business, approaching clients, etc.

So, it is extremely beneficial to have a tool that can eliminate redundant tasks and support all the relevant work.

Thus, recruiters must also consider this during their search for a suitable vendor.

Software providers that know and understand small businesses are different from those who specifically cater to big and established recruitment firms.

Different types of agencies also need different kinds of software. Temps recruitment needs temps agency software. Head-hunters placing senior executives will work with powerful executive search software systems.

So, businesses must make the correct choice when they are buying their recruitment CRM software.

The other three factors to keep an eye out for are –

1. Cloud-based software

Cloud-based recruitment software stores data in the cloud which means recruiters are not confined to work from their office desk. The security, updates and maintenance are also left to the supplier so customers do not have to worry about anything. These work perfectly for start-ups that may not have expendable resources.

2. SaaS CRM

SaaS or software as a service allows businesses to purchase licences as the need arises. It is a pay-as-you-use system so it is affordable compared to buying software outright and having to pay a large amount of money for it. It’s also completely scalable. So once the business needs more recruiters who will be using the CRM software, buying additional user licenses is easy.

3. Mobile app

Good recruitment software that provides a mobile application is very recruiter-friendly. This is because having a mobile app encourages recruiters to be skilled at communicating with candidates. It also ensures that data is easily accessible and sharing information with clients becomes very easy. Start-ups need to prove their worth and being quick to respond to work is a good head start.

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