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Redfin Fees

The twenty-year IT boom has profoundly altered the real estate industry. Sellers may share drone footage of properties, while buyers can use tools and applications to decide whether or not the property is suitable. Numerous real estate agents have started to disrupt the industry. One of these companies that stood the test of time is Redfin. 

Redfin was formed in 2004 to facilitate clients’ buying and selling process using map-based search. Today, it is one of the nation’s leading firms with real estate agents active across the United States. 

In this article, we will unearth everything you need to know about Redfin. 

What Exactly Is Redfin?

Redfin endeavors to streamline everything regarding buying and selling a home. Low commission rates and services entice customers from around the nation.

Redfin allows sellers to market their homes for as little as 1% commission when selling a home. That’s the most important service offered by the firm. Customers can continue to engage with a listing agent and receive professional photos and a 3D tour.

If you select the Redfin Concierge package, you will pay a 2% commission, which is still less than the standard 3%, and local professionals will stage and renovate your home. This option can benefit sellers without the time or resources to perform necessary home modifications before selling.

With RedfinNow, property sellers may finally receive an all-cash offer. This helps them to sell their home quickly without the hassle of showings and negotiations.

Buyers also can work with real estate agents from Redfin to identify the newest offerings, tour residences, and place offers.

Redfin is the 6th largest discount real estate firm in the country regarding the number of buyers and sellers that use its services. In 2020, the corporation completed over 64,420 transactions, generating over $37 billion in revenue.

What Do You Need To Know About Redfin Fees?

When a house is sold through Redfin, the listing fee is only 1.5% of the sale price. In addition, you are responsible for the commission of the buyer’s agent. This fee is typically between 2.5 and 3% of the selling price. A substantial commission for the buyer’s agent might boost the number of offers on your home.

The majority of people are unaware that Redfin clients pay low costs. Therefore, if the 1.5% Redfin listing cost is insufficient to satisfy the minimum charge amount, you will wind up paying a higher price than 1.5%.

This Redfin listing cost in the United States varies by area, ranging from $2,000 to $7,000. Redfin’s minimum charge might diminish your earnings if your selling price is modest in an overpriced market.

What Is It Like Selling A Home Through Redfin?

When selling a home through Redfin, one of the real estate agents will accompany you through every step of the process, from determining a list price to signing the closing documents.

Along the route, they will give the following services and support:

  • Pricing for professional photography and 3D virtual tours
  • Open houses
  • Reviewing offers
  • Bargaining with prospective buyers

Coordination for closing the deal

According to various Redfin reviews, their real estate agents provide less direct assistance than a conventional real estate agent. 

So the main question that pops your head is, is selling a home with Redfin worth the effort? In some instances, the prospective savings may justify this sacrifice. However, many home sellers may choose to engage with these customized services:

Redfin’s Concierge 

Redfin provides various premium alternatives, one of them being Redfin’s Concierge Service, which assists in preparing your house for the market. Redfin provides expert staging and home cleaning, in addition to the services included in its basic listing package, for a base listing fee of 2.5%.

This bundle appears to be overpriced, given its contents. It costs $5,000 more than a basic property package on a $500,000 property. Most sellers will find it considerably more economical to select for the 1.5% listing charge and pay à la carte for additional services such as house cleaning and staging.

Redfin Premier

Redfin Premier is available for properties worth above $1 million in some locations. This bundle includes everything from Redfin’s Concierge Service for the same listing charge as Redfin’s basic plan, 1.5%.


RedfinNow is a premium service where they buy properties in certain markets for cash. It is great for sellers that place a premium on a quick and simple sale. If you accept an offer from RedfinNow, you can close in as little as ten days. You will also save the trouble of putting your house for sale, coordinating showings, and negotiating with prospective buyers.

Some Redfin reviews also mention that when you subscribe to RedfinNow, a service fee is charged that typically ranges between 6 and 12% of the sale price. You will not be required to pay a realtor commission.

What Is It Like Buying A Home Through Redfin?

Redfin also provides savings for homebuyers, although they are less impressive than the reductions offered to sellers. If your purchase qualifies, you may be eligible for a commission rebate, known as the Redfin Refund. This reimbursement might assist in offsetting closing fees and other initial expenses.

The typical buyer eligible for a Redfin commission rebate saves approximately $1,750, according to the business and some Redfin reviews on Google and Trustpilot. However, it is unclear on its website how this rebate amount is calculated. 

It’s better to consult with your real estate agent and mortgage lender to assess your eligibility, depending on your budget and area.

The Redfin Refund is subject to several conditions and limits. Some of them are:

Restricted to specific markets

Inaccessible if Redfin sends you to a partner agent from another organization.

Not available on some acquisitions, including short sells

Subject to Redfin obtaining a minimum of $6,500 in buyer’s agent commission

State legislation and your mortgage lender’s standards may further limit your ability to earn a Redfin commission refund. 

Redfin also offers additional discounts to buyers for selling a home through Redfin within 12 months of purchasing a new home. 

Redfin cut its listing fee to 1%—which was earlier1.5%—when these clients sell or refund the difference if they sell first.

Pros and Cons of Going with Redfin

Redfin reviews are pretty decent online, and they have an average customer rating across Consumer Affairs, Yelp, and Google of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Redfin provides several benefits over conventional, full-service real estate brokerages. However, it is vital to thoroughly examine the pros and cons of Redfin. 

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of Redfin.


Eye-Popping Discounts for Home Sellers

Most sellers go for Redfin because of its minimal costs. And a recurring topic in several sales with Redfin evaluations is the authenticity of the savings.

Friendly UI

Several discount real estate agents claim to offer user-friendly technology, but Redfin’s platform remains the benchmark. Redfin’s home search application has been downloaded by the millions. And the vast majority of customer reviews are positive. This is good for more than only buyers. Redfin sellers benefit from the app’s popularity since the business provides its listings preferential placement when consumers search for houses.

Lesser Risk Other Brands

You may encounter service quality compromises regardless of whatever discount broker you choose, but the hazards appear to be somewhat less severe with Redfin.


Little Savings for Buyers

According to some Redfin reviews, the average commission refund is $1,750. Compared to the homebuyer rebates offered by some other discount organizations, this looks a bit lacking. 

Less Personal Assistance from Redfin Agents

Redfin may have fewer service quality hazards than other discount real estate agents, but you should still expect less personal assistance compared to conventional real estate agents. Redfin agents employ a team-based strategy to manage more consumers than the usual realtor; therefore, you are more likely to find negative Redfin reviews about agent goof-ups and delays.

Premium Bundles Limit Savings

Redfin may attempt to offer you their Concierge Service if you list with the firm. This premium listing package contains more features than the ordinary plan but costs nearly the same as using a conventional realtor. In most circumstances, you will save the most money by selecting Redfin’s normal 1.5% listing fee and employing local contractors to assist prepare your house for sale.


Buying or selling a property is a hard process fraught with several pitfalls. Your transaction’s outcome is mainly dependent on the agent you select. Redfin may provide a very experienced and competent agent, but there is also the potential that this may not be the case. 

Before paying for any brokerage or Flat Fee MLS service, it is vital to conduct research. Overall, Redfin’s service is quite decent yet has room for more improvement. You may wind up with the greatest or the worst Redfin agent.

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