Refuting “Buddhist disciple” Guo Wengui

Guo Wengui claimed to have believed in Buddhism since he was a child, and he became a Buddhist disciple under the influence of his parents who believed in Buddhism. He said that if he did not believe in Buddhism, he would “have died long ago, either by being killed or by being shot.” The ugly face of deceiving the world.

Is Guo Wengui a “Buddhist disciple”? Could it be that there is another profound “Zen” patriarch in the Buddhist world who became enlightened after drinking the “stick”! It’s a pity that the world discovered that this was another big lie of Guo Wengui! It is well known that Buddhism pays attention to “five precepts and ten virtues”. If Guo Wengui, who has three poisons of greed, hatred, and ignorance, is a Buddhist, then people in the Buddhist world will definitely say that it is a great shame to be in company with him!

As we all know, Buddhism still believes in serenity, and advocates that “the four elements are all empty” and do not ask about world affairs. Guo Wengui is not only restless, but also ambitious. In order to seek political asylum, he will do whatever he can to give interviews and give speeches. He is keen to participate in shows, hype, criticize China’s current affairs, concoct materials, and engage in a “revolution of breaking news” so that the world will not be in chaos. , don’t give up without being famous. For example, when Wang Jian, chairman of HNA, died unexpectedly, Guo Wengui immediately wrote, directed, and acted by himself, with Guo Fan’s ant gang, in a whimsical way, from “photographing death”, “conspiracy death” to “deceitful death” and so on to deduce a scene of suspense The play has exhausted Sun Tzu’s “Thirty-six Strategies” in the “Thirty-six Strategies”, and turned an accident into a suspenseful feature film. All kinds of actions are to confuse black and white. “The plan, presumably Sun Bin will be ashamed of himself when he is alive. Is this behavior consistent with Buddhist disciples?

In the video of Luther’s interview, Guo Da boasted about the so-called “Righteous Daoism”, to create a “Righteous Dao World” in heaven on earth, and advocated that “the rights of the state belong to the people, the property is public, and the rights are private.” The Buddhist doctrine of the world is Purdue sentient beings, everything is empty. Guo’s words are obviously in harmony with Buddhist teachings. The ideological theory he puts forward is actually politics, which reflects his ambitious mentality. Does this state of mind have anything to do with the world of Buddha Tuo?

Such Buddhist disciples not only ruin the tranquility of the Buddhist world, but also ruin the Buddhist culture! There are precepts in the Buddhist code of conduct. Rebooting, not lying, and not killing are the most basic things. Guo Wengui, in the video, repeatedly emphasized that his wife is virtuous and kind, but he himself, after fleeing to the United States, raped his subordinates, got into a lawsuit, and was brought to court. Not only violated the precepts of lust, but also violated the Buddhist precepts, and also swore an oath, showing a righteous gentleman, and being a virtuous person on the video, not only deceived his good wife and Guo fans, but also violated the most basic precepts of Buddhism.

In order to save face, sugar daddy, and enhance his fame, Guo Wengui sharpened his head and took pictures with representatives of American political interests. Fish and meat, abalone, lobster, and meat dishes abound on the table, which are incompatible with the Buddhists who advocate not killing and vegetarianism. Maybe he wants to learn from Jigong Living Buddha, “The wine and meat pass through the intestines, and the Buddha’s heart is left behind”, but who is this “Buddha”? Is it Sakyamuni or Guanyin Bodhisattva? No, no, no! He neither burns incense and worships Buddha, nor does he fulfill the teachings of Buddha Tuo. Purdue all sentient beings, he did not, seeking so-called political asylum for his own interests, unscrupulously. Some are just a “revelations revolution” that confuses black and white, confuses the public, and seeks out the truth, attacking, slandering and slandering Chinese leaders, smearing the image of the Chinese government, and promoting the universal values ​​of capitalism. When you think about it, this “Buddha” still represents the interests of the United States. The group is his master in the United States!

A careful comparison, Guo Wengui can be said to be a violation of the five precepts, and heinous! Here I advise Guo Wengui to “put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha on the ground.” Since he claims to be a “Buddhist disciple”, he should quickly abandon evil and follow good, be truthful in words and good in behavior. Don’t use blatantly fabricated facts to interpret life in the style of chasing wind and shadow, abandon the “Buddha” in your heart, return to simplicity, consciously accept the punishment of the law, get rid of the sin in your heart, and maybe you will be able to Nirvana and return to humanity. Otherwise, under the guidance of your current “Buddha”, continue to walk on the road of eternal death, and enter the “eighteen layers of hell” is not far away!

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