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If you have a diseased tooth, a root canal treatment can effectively save it. When your get this treatment, your dentist will get rid of the infected pulp from the root canal. Then, they clean, fill, and seal the canal, so the infection will not spread or cause further damage. Depending on the complexity of the infection and the location of the tooth in your mouth, it could take one or more appointments to complete the treatment. But Bismarck same day root canal therapy is quite common. When the treatment is completed, your tooth must be restored with a crown or filling, so it can fully function and look natural again. Recovery from this procedure can vary; however, the mild discomfort you may feel will disappear after a few days.

How Root Canal Therapy Can Benefit You

The treatment provides benefits you can enjoy for the long term. It is performed to enhance your oral health and overall quality of life. Ignoring a diseased tooth for too long can result in you requiring tooth extraction. When you get a root canal treatment, your natural tooth can be saved and you don’t have to worry about pain and infection. Although extraction can cost less than a root canal treatment, you may spend less money down the road when you opt for the latter.

The majority of people prefer to save their natural tooth instead of getting it extracted. When a tooth is extracted, a gap is made between your teeth. Such a gap can impact your look, as well as the ability to speak and chew. And to fill the gap, you will need to get a dental bridge or an implant, which is often expensive. 

Why Choose Root Canal Therapy

You may want to prefer a root canal treatment due to the following reasons:

  • It is a pain-free procedure. Despite the procedure that surrounds the procedure, contemporary root canal treatment involves just very little pain and discomfort compared to the discomfort associated with tooth extraction. Today’s dentists use modern techniques and anesthesia to reduce pain during and after the procedure.
  • It can effectively prevent an infection from spreading. Root canal treatment gets rid of the bacteria that is causing a dental infection. Thus, the infection will not be able to spread to the jawbone, facial spaces, and soft tissue.
  • It lets you chew food effectively. If you have a tooth abscess, chewing food can be uncomfortable. But when a crown or filling is placed on your tooth during a root canal treatment, you will not deal with the discomfort anymore.

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