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Royalpanda CasinoRoyalpanda Casino Launches Rummy Product for Indian Gambling Market

The famous Indian online casino company has been seen doing several great developments within the casino game offering space in recent years. One of the most popular developments of the RoyalPanda online casino was that of its launch of a live casino. 

The live casino featured classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat but what made it so popular was the use of native Indian dealers managing these live casino game tables. 

For the Indian online casino players to play with native Indian dealers at the different casino game tables gave the live casinos a feeling of being a real local casino which is something that clearly has been very appreciated by the casino players. 

Many Indian casino players have been looking forward to the next casino game development from the RoyalPanda casino & betting company and they didn’t have to wait too long this time. Last week the popular Indian casino company RoyalPanda announced that they would be releasing a Indian version of the very popular card game rummy. 

In India one of the most popular online gambling games is Indian rummy. The Indian rummy game have mostly been played in person at homes and special gambling dens. Finally to the joy of the Indian online gamblers you can now play this popular game from the comfort of your home or actually from anywhere you want. 

The Indian rummy game being released at by the RoyalPanda casino company has been developed with smartphone players in mind. The game is lightweight and does not require an extremely fast internet connection which is an ideal factor for the Indian casino market as Internet connectivity is not the fastest when compared to other countries.

RoyalPanda casino made the comment that due to popular demand they made significant changes in their game development plans to be able to bring the Indian rummy game to its players. The development took longer than expected as it was crucial for the Indian rummy game to be smartphone friendly to enable the majority of players to be able to play the game. 

The RoyalPanda online casino also reported in their launch comment that even the beta testing of the game spread like wildfire and gained them several thousand new Indian casino players and that the feedback was very positive. 

Another thing which the players were very happy and pleased with was the launch of several casino game guides which gave easy step by step instructions for how to play the various casino games. The most popular casino game how to guide currently on RoyalPanda is the Indian rummy how to guide which gives a clear signal for how popular the Indian rummy game is with the players.

The next game for the royalpanda online gambling company to develop for the Indian online gambling market is another very popular Indian card game called Teen Patti. The teen patti game is not much different from the Indian Rummy card games so the online gambling company hopes to be able to re-use a lot of the elements and modules developed for the Indian Rummy game. 

With the addition of a Teen Patti game which is easy to play for smartphone players it is to be expected that RoyalPanda will be propelled to one of the most popular online casinos in the Indian online casino market. 

2021 is looking to be another great year for both Indian online casino players and the RoyalPanda online gambling company.

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