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Fruit salads are the delicious way to keep all the diseases away. The anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals that are present in these fruits help a lot to reduce all the difficulties and untimed disease. They reduce high blood pressure, sugar level and other heart diseases.

Fruits are mandatory in everyone’s a regular diet. If you want to gift luxury fruit baskets to someone then add a variety of fruits to it. You can also add seasonal fruits to it. This will help to make the fruit salads more delicious. One can try these lovely salads anytime and any season.

Mango Salad:

In summer days one cannot and should not ignore mangoes. Make your summer more juicy and tasty with this fruit. Mango is a very healthy fruit. Peel off the skin and cut the fruit into slices. Put it in a bowl and add your favourite flavoured yogurt to it. Then keep it into the refrigerator for some time. Then enjoy your chilled mango salad.

Diced Fruit Salad

One can use 3 or more varieties of fruits in this recipe. If you are in a hurry then this salad recipe can save your time and stomach. Dice the fruits and place it in a bowl. Add a pinch of salt, black pepper and shake it well. The tangy taste will make your taste buds happy.

Mixed Fruit Salad

One can combine varieties of fruits like apples, bananas, pears and colourful straw berries to make it more beautiful and tasty. One can also add some chat masala and salt and pepper if they want a tangy and spicy flavour from it. This can really rejuvenate your taste buds if you are not feeling hungry that much.

Five Star Frozen Fruit Salad

This is a perfect dessert dish when the season is very hot and humid. One can use some fresh and colourful fruits like apple, kiwi, straw berries and others to make it look attractive and tasty. If needed, one can also add some fresh whipped cream for toppings and keep it in a freezer for at least an hour before serving. This will soothe you down from inside.

Watermelon and Pecan Salad

Here, some watermelon slices and toasted pecans are the main ingredients which are used. It is a slightly sweet and bit of a nutty salad and sometimes whipped cream is added to it for more flavours.

Cranberry Pineapple Salad:

One needs to take some fresh cranberries and sliced sweet pineapples to prepare this salad. These two make a beautiful combination together to form a mouth watering dish of salad. This is a perfect dish if one wants to have a heavy breakfast before going out for work. It keeps the stomach light and filled.

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