Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
SEO Benefits of Having a Snappier Website

When you invest in a business, it’s easy to know what kind of returns you would like to see, what your ROI would look like, and what your margins are. When it comes to SEO however, business leaders can get confused about what is important. 

The benefits of SEO seem quite intangible to those who aren’t familiar with it. It could seem like a lot of work and a lot of effort to add to your marketing scheme. SEO web design is not always seen as a top priority. But a business that wants to grow cannot afford to ignore web design and submit URLs to google without checking how good the website is. 

To incorporate the full benefits of SEO and see tangible results, working on amping up your website’s design is a great first step. This is because Google and other search engines give a lot of weightage to aspects of the web design along with the fact that customers would have a much better experience. These two are correlated and hence, a snappier website can give you a lot of positive responses. 

Benefits of having a Well Designed Website. 

Having a well-made website might not seem like an SEO priority but it is the starting point where all of your SEO aspects meet. Here are the top SEO-related benefits that you can profit from, all by having a great website design:

  1. Retention of the leads you attract: Website traffic is one of the most vital aspects for a business to be successful in today’s digital world. A good website that is optimized for SEO will help you rank well in search engines, thereby increasing the site’s visibility. You attract more traffic this way when potential customers see something they are attracted to.

A good design matters to your customers and can improve their experience. When you focus on what your customers want and like, you increase retention rates and improve loyalty towards your brand. Loading speed is also important this way because low loading speed directly translates to lower retention rates and less traffic. Therefore every second you lose to loading time impacts the visitor’s experience, who will lose interest in your site. If you don’t want to lose out on all the ads you’ve paid for, improving your website’s design will ensure that visitors go through what you’re offering and stay loyal to what attracts them. 

  1. Valuable traffic: Getting traffic is highly beneficial to your website, no matter what kind of traffic you receive. But how successful your business depends on if this traffic is useful to you. Getting potential customers who would be likely to become paying customers is what you want to aim for, and is exactly what good website design helps you achieve. 

By incorporating design processes, different features, and style elements that appeal specifically to your target audience, website designers optimize the kind of traffic your site receives. Extensive research and testing are done to figure out the needs and attraction points of your target audience and incorporated into the web design. 

  1. Designed for Organic traffic: Organic search results or the results which aren’t paid for, drive over half of the traffic in the global market. Most people prefer organic search results for their credibility. This increased visibility brought on by staying at the top of Google’s algorithms is the kind of traction you need to make your business successful. 

Websites that are well designed are picked up more by Google’s search bots, are indexed higher, and have higher domain authority. This makes it easier for these sites to gain organic traffic. Spending more on web design means you will be cutting costs on paid ads, marketing campaigns, and so on. You will also be able to influence the image of your brand and how your customers relate to the site. Implementing different tags, good, original content and high-quality backlinks in your web design help you achieve this. 

  1. Ads are more effective: If you run paid ads on social media sites, you already know that these ads are one of the leading reasons people visit your site. But these paid ads can only get you so far. Great web design makes way for a landing page that gives your viewers a seamless ad experience, with vivid descriptions of what you do and what you offer. If you only pay for ads and people abandon your site after a very short period, it is pointless. 

A great design will make ads more effective and cut down other marketing costs as well. You can bid farewell to spend tons of money on customer acquisitions, extensive ad campaigns, and social media campaigns, as you will organically receive all the benefits by simply upgrading your website.  

Creating a visually and functionally snappy, unique website can give your business a lot of long term benefits, especially when it is fully optimized for SEO. With this one aspect, you will not have to worry about a huge list of SEO issues most websites commonly face. That’s why, before you submit URLs to Google for indexing, ensure that your base site is designed on par with high standards. 

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