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The need for unmanaged and secured VPS in India is growing day by day. The unmanaged VPS hosting comes with more solutions and features that would help you grow your business and meet the growing requirements of your website business. An unmanaged VPS server hosting would give you more control via root access, which means you will have more security as well as freedom.

Reasons to Invest in Secured and Unmanaged VPS Hosting in India

If you are not sure whether or not you should Invest in Secured VPS hosting in India, then maybe we can help you. Since the clients and their needs are becoming more diverse and sophisticated, the hosting service providers have started unmanaged VPS hosting plans and packages. The unmanaged VPS hosting would give the clients more control and it would be direct rather than other hosting service packages. Apart from this, people want to manage the server themselves and customize it the way they want without depending on anyone else. So if you are one of these people who need more direct control over their server, then you should invest in unmanaged and secure VPS Hosting India.

When to Shift Your Business to Secured and Unmanaged VPS Hosting India

Now that you know why you should invest in a more secured and unmanaged VPS hosting, you must be thinking if it’s the right time for you to shift to the secure and unmanaged VPS hosting in India. You should not randomly shift to the secure and unmanaged VPS hosting because there are a few things that you need to know about and you should also meet the ideal conditions to shift to unmanaged VPS hosting.

For starters, you should have the skills to manage the VPS yourself. There would be a lot of specific customization options as well. So you should be aware of the needs and the requirements of a secure and unmanaged VPS hosting India.

Check the Most Popular Conditions When You Require the Secured and Unmanaged VPS Hosting in India

There are a few things that can help you know whether or not you require the secured and unmanaged VPS, they are following:

  • If you have a complicated and complex website that needs less simple and common extensions then you may need unmanaged VPS hosting. This would provide more specific extensions and modules that can not be supported on a regular shared hosting.
  • If you are looking forward to hosting other applications rather than a website that needs a specific server configuration and more server resources.
  • If you want to create your own separate environment within a server.
  • If you own an application that you want to use. Sometimes the personal applications may not be supported by a shared server.
  • If you need some isolated and dedicated resources for your project only.
  • If you don’t need someone else to manage the server as you are capable of managing the whole thing by yourself, then maybe you require unmanaged VPS hosting.

These are a few conditions that may suggest that you require unmanaged VPS hosting. It’s important that you meet the criteria and you are in absolute need of unmanaged VPS hosting. You should also make sure that you can handle the whole thing without any help. So take your time and see if you require unmanaged VPS and you can manage it successfully to run your web applications and websites.

About Serverwala

If you have decided to switch to unmanaged VPS hosting then you would need the best-unmanaged hosting provider. Server Wala is one of the leading unmanaged VPS hosting providers that you can find in India. Server Wala has impressed a lot of its clients and helped them to achieve their goals as per their preferences. Server Wala has also won many awards and appreciation for its performance and budget-friendly plans and packages for its clients all across the world. Given the good quality service and performances, it’s safe to say that Server Wala is one of the best choices you have right now.

Serverwala- Best Plans and Packages of VPS Hosting Provider in India

One of the reasons why you should choose Server Wala over the other hosting services provider is because they have the best plans and packages for their clients.

You can easily find a plan or package that would meet your needs and requirements at a cheap and economical price. Some multiple plans and packages vary in prices, so it becomes easy to find one that delivers the best services and meets your needs for the website and web applications. You can look up various plans and packages of Server Wala and find a suitable one for yourself.

Best Features of Serverwala VPS Hosting India

Server Wala is not just popular for its name, but for its features for VPS hosting in India. We have listed down the features of Server Wala VPS hosting India so that you can make an informed decision.

#1. Cloud-Based VPS

The unmanaged VPS hosting of Server Wala would offer you services that are similar to the cloud-based server and the powers that you would get from the dedicated server. This would help you to get the ideal performances for your website and web applications with cloud-based VPS.

#2. Enterprise-Grade Hardware

The VPS hosting plans of Server Wala are built on the latest enterprise-grade hardware. This is the reason why they can deliver improved performance and it exceeds the architectural standards as well.

#3.SSH and Root Access

One of the benefits of having an unmanaged VPS hosting service from Server Wala is that you get complete control over the VPS environment with SSH and Root Access.

#4. Hosting Multiple Websites

With Server Wala unmanaged VPS hosting, you get to host multiple websites on the server and you would have full control over how you want to run them. You will get to deploy multiple servers and you would be able to run multiple websites as well.

#5.Resource Monitoring Dashboard

Server Wala offers an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, where you can monitor memory usage, reboot VPA, check server status and manage other configurations. So it would be easy for you to manage your unmanaged VPS.

#6. No Setup Fee

One of the best benefits of Server Wala’s undamaged VPS Hosting India plan is that you don’t have to pay any setup fee. So it’s going to be easy on your pocket to invest in their unmanaged VPS hosting as you don’t have to spend extra money.

#7. Economical Plans and Packages

We have already discussed this above, Server Wala is one of the cheapest hosting providers that bring quality and improved performance to your website.


That’s all you needed to know about secured and unmanaged VPS hosting. When it comes down to choosing the best unmanaged VPS hosting India , Serverwala should be your best option. It has a good number of benefits and features that would ensure improved performance and reliability for your website, web applications, and online business.

It’s feature-packed, it’s economical, it’s user friendly, and it has proved its worth, what more can you ask from an unmanaged VPS hosting provider in India?




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