Seven tips to increase performance in mathematics olympiads in Class 7

It is an unsaid truth that the secondary classes pave the way for the strength of concepts for higher ranks. 

Olympiads are a valuable metric to understand one’s progress in a subject. Hence, tracking performance in mathematics olympiads beginning from class 7 can help students excel in the subject.

The topics for mathematics in Class 7 include Integers, Fractions and Decimals, Data Handling, Simple Equations, Lines and Angles, The Triangles and Its Properties, Congruence of Triangles, Comparing Quantities, Rational Numbers, Practical Geometry, Perimeter and Area, Algebraic Expressions, Exponents and Powers, Symmetry and Visualising Solid Shapes. These topics were introduced in the class sixth, and they are taught in greater depth in class seventh.

  1. Strengthen concepts- For any reason, if one’s principles weren’t strengthened enough in the class sixth, it can reflect in class seventh and higher classes as well. Therefore, it is recommended to work on understanding the principles and ideas behind the concepts. This is possible by regular self-study, doubt clearing sessions with tutors and peers, and a perusal of the various educational sources to understand which one provided the most enriching learning experience. The NCERT Mathematics book is the most essential tool to build concepts, and many questions in international olympiads test the same.
  2. Get equations on tips- With an increase in the number of topics, the number of total equations in the subject also increases. It’s important to practise writing formulas to have it on their tips. Spending a few minutes every day to revise the equations can help one be more confident in solving questions in objective type questions. To perform well in an olympiad, time is of the essence. Hence, the habit of practising equations can help one excel in olympiads. To understand where to use which formula or equation, regular practice of questions is important. It helps in clarifying the exact use of an equation and helps in optimising the time spent on solving the question.
  3. Note down important topics with sure shot questions- Although it’s crucial to understand all the topics of class seventh, it’s recommended to be aware of the weightage of various topics for the various tests and examinations one plans to appear for. The topics with a relatively higher weightage in olympiads for seventh class mathematics can be identified by regularly practising sample and mock papers. 
  4. Accuracy before speed- Accuracy and speed are integral components to accelerate one’s progress. But before the student commences working on speed or time management, it is recommended that they ensure that their accuracy is more than at least seventy five per cent. Getting most of the questions right is an indication of conceptual clarity, and thus, after that, more emphasis can be laid on the speed at which one is solving the exam. Good time management skills are very important to ace any olympiad as the number of questions in olympiads is high, but the time is limited. Thereby, developing an understanding of how much time needs to be given to the question of a particular topic is an essential skill. 
  5. Visualise questions- Since the chapters of class seventh include a lot of topics of geometry, visualising the question helps a lot. The practical chapter geometry, as well as perimeter and area, emphasise the same. It is suggested that first, the student builds a habit of visualising or imagining what is mentioned in the problem statement themselves. Secondly, after having a visual idea of the issue, they may begin solving it but replacing different values and so forth. This method makes mathematics more interesting as a subject and eventually aids the student in determining the right procedure to solve a question, thereby eliminating the need to mug the process or mug any formulas. Even the derivation of various formulas of perimeter and area can be taught in this manner for easy review. 
  6. Apply maths in real life– The topics in class seventh focus a lot on the practical application, whether it’s fractions and decimals or mensuration. Each topic finds an application in real life and can be applied to multiple scenarios of everyday life. It is recommended that the student tries to apply what they learn academically to solve real-life calculations or other problems. A significant section of questions tests the problem-solving skills of the student in a word problem like format. Hence, a habit of relating those concepts to real-life can make the process of solving questions much easier and quicker. The student is recommended to try to learn more with the use of real-world applications. 
  7. Mistake sheet- It is said that mistakes are the greatest teachers in life. A habit of learning from the errors that the student makes in tests and exams can help them go a long way. According to the student’s comfort, they may make an excel spreadsheet, use google sheets, note the mistakes down in their notebook, or even mark the mistakes in the books themselves. The idea is to review the mistakes one made to learn from them, improve concepts and try one’s best not to repeat those errors. One may even categorise the mistakes according to the chapter or the cause of the error. Some examples include- conceptual unclarity, hasty decision making, comprehension error, or incorrect procedure to solve.

Most importantly, the student needs to take the initiative of participating in the different olympiads. It is suggested that they make the most out of these opportunities. To give a clearer picture of how olympiads and their pattern, the difficulty of questions and sections, it is highly recommended to visit sample papers IMO Sample Papers For Class 7 with Answers. Papers from trustable sources encourage the student to elevate their performance as they move forward. Excellence in olympiads will attract recognition in olympiads in the form of certificates, medals, cash prizes and numerous gifts. With the help of sample papers, the student will have a smooth road in their journey to excel in international olympiads.


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