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Shay Shariatzadeh The John Cena’s Wife And All You Need To Know

John Cena is married now, and the pro-WWE wrestler and actor John Cena has confirmed this by sharing his marriage certificate. The news was sudden because John Cena hasn’t even shared publicly of dating her but we are very happy for him that he has found his love of life.

But who is Shay Shariatzadeh? What does she do? Where did she meet him? In this article, we’ll try to understand in detail her life and career and some of the extra terms related to her and John Cena people are constantly searching after their marriage announcement to find out about these two which include John Cena Shay Shariatzadeh, Shay Shariatzadeh Age, John Cena and Shay Shariatzadeh, and Shay Shariatzadeh Net Worth. So Stay Tuned to the end.

Shay Shariatzadeh Life and Career

She lives in Vancouver, Canada but she was born in Iran according to her marriage certificate. She moved to Canada because she got a job as a product manager at Sonatype, a multinational software company, around December 2019.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she has worked with one of the most successful multinational IT companies, Motorola Solutions, and used to research Thermal Cameras and Video Intercom Systems because she is an engineer by profession and she has just dreamed of becoming an engineer since childhood because she was heavily inspired from her brother.

She has also worked as a sales associate with Guess and La Vie En Rose where she used to handle the sales of women’s clothes including bras, panties, lingerie, shrugs, dresses, sleepwear, robes, cardigans, and sweatshirts. The products are very affordable and very easy to comfortable in wearing through which the company has made a name for itself in the women’s market where every competitor is almost trying because of the net revenue.


According to her LinkedIn profile, She attended the University of British Columbia between 2008 and 2013 where she earned a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, she was a bright student in her university days as per her Professors and peer groups, because she had always wanted a career in Engineering.

She had a passion for machines from her younger days which she had told during Motorola Solutions’s Subsidiary Avigilon somewhere about March 2019 that, during her childhood days, her brother was studying engineering and brought a project home that was about autonomous cars, she just quickly got intrigued towards it and decided only that day to have a career in the engineering.

She said during that event itself that she just loved maths and physics which was and is quite hard for any student in their school days, they do not want to read it because of the calculations and the understanding of complicated things about the universe and its products, but some weirdos have just made sure to get the world growing with new inventions like her.

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The Inspiration from Her Mother

She has had a great impact on her mother, who is a surgeon by profession, on her life as since childhood she has seen her doing surgeries without getting emotional, and later how she has taught valuable lessons to both the children, to her and her brother. This surely has made a significant change in her life in choosing a career and then making sure to just put maximum effort there and always remember why she chose this career.

She has taught her the lesson of fighting for herself when you are not getting your due and right because of any reason from misogyny to patriarchy. She has helped her become an independent woman and where she stands today by helping her in her studies by taking time from her job where the whole thing used to be hectic.

She has learned the importance of hard work from her mother and sacrifice for the bigger cause because when she was at the peak of her career in Iran where their whole family was living, she gave up her surgery career to give a better life to her children and only focused on their studies so that they can become something in their life and make sure that her sacrifice of her career won’t go in waste. 

Shay Shariatzadeh on Social Media

She isn’t very active on social media she has no public account on any platform across social media handles. She keeps her life very private and only has strong connections who matter in her life, family, and friends. She doesn’t want to fake it by showing on social media her pictures of getting a car or a house or in fact with a celebrity husband that how much he loves her.

The couple is very romantic in their personal life and we should invade their privacy if they do not want to share publicly. They have to make sure not to give media attention to their wedding where most of the celebrities give so much importance because it is a sacred thing and we should celebrate it by showing off to the people who even do not the brand names and their designers or their car names.

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Shay Shariatzadeh and John Cena First Meeting

John Cena went to see the Super Bowl with his friends, as he was shooting for the film Playing with Fire there, when Shay Shariatzadeh came with her friends for dinner at the same restaurant in Vancouver and when one of her friends from the group asked him to get a candid photo, he noticed her.

He didn’t wait and asked for her phone number only then and she gave it to him, he just after coming out from the restaurant texted her to ask out to meet again and she replied okay we can hang out this weekend and that’s how they met for the first time and now they are married to each other.

John Cena Shay Shariatzadeh Marriage

They got married to each other in October 2020 after dating for almost two years because they made their first appearance together publicly announcing their dating in March 2019.

They made a public appearance in November 2019 during the movie night premiere of that only for which he was shooting at that time where they both met for the very first time.

To Sum Up

She is the first woman whom he has been linked with after breaking up with Nikki Bella in April 2018 just before they were going to get married in some weeks. This was so heart-wrenching moment for both of them and they have made sure to remain friends with each other after dating for more than 6 years. That’s it for now.

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