Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

An event was held on April 13 in Delhi which was entirely focused on the topic like feminism. In today’s generation, we see quite an equality between men and women, but still, there are certain embarked scars on women community that needs to be abolished. The event was organised by Mr.Gurpreet Singh Tikku and Ms.Gureen Kaur Tikku.

This was a full day event arranged for almost 200 people by these two people. They arranged quite good facilities ranging from decors to food; everything was spectacular. To commence with the program it was started with a brunch organised by Veeba, a famous brand specialising in spreads and condiments. They were available with a different dressing of salad to mayonnaise accompanied by spreads. They even launched their Fruit Toppings ranges which included flavours like caramel, chocolate, strawberry, mango etc. These toppings were praised by everyone present.

Next to it followed the lightening ceremony which was done by the guest of honour along with the hosts. The guest of praise for the same was ‘Kamlesh Gill’. Her personality was loved and encouraged by all.  She presented a pure symbolism that its the body that ages not the heart. Her nature and way if expressing thoughts pleased everyone to the fullest. RJ Sayema and Hridhan were to be mentioned as well. Their speech and interaction left a profound impact deep down. The dance fusion performed by Rashmi was followed by thunderous applause too.

The jury was impressed by the martini glasses filled with US cranberries that meant to be of high nutritional value. The berries help in providing essential vitamins like Vitamin A, E, K and C. They are also proved to be a great help in issues like heart, health and dental. The dried cranberries were no less. They helped in the nourishment of the hair and skin.

The event ended with memories to last and better humans. They indulged a few good traits within them and supported them to be a good human being. Before saying their byes, they were handed over goodie bags co consisting of famous brand products that gave them a feeling of being loved and being decisive. These events further initiate the role and help we provide towards the city in making a country better place to live.

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