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Should I Tip The Movers?

Moving your entire belongings to the new destination is an utterly stressful task. It drains your physical strength by making you pay close attention to each small detail. The right way to experience a stress-free and easy move is by getting the help of professional movers. Hire a team that can manage all the moving-related laborious tasks right from packing your valuable stuff to shifting them according to your specific requirements. However, the dilemma people usually face after completing the relocation process is about tipping the team of movers.


Relocation is a bustle with daunting activity, especially if the move is to someplace far away from the existing one. However, this is why it is vital to sign a contract with the best movers company since the experts can only help you get smoother packing and moving process. The team of expert movers can handle the entire process of relocating from packing your valuables into the right boxes to transporting them to the new address safely without you having to take any stress. Having professional help for your move makes all the difference. Based on your particular needs, the charges will not necessarily be cheap, but it will indeed worth it.


Besides, the only concern that occurs while clearing out the bill is, “do I need to tip the movers?” Well, the answer entirely depends on the team and their service. Do they deserve your appreciation even after clearing out the bills? Yes, indeed, if their job was pretty exceptional. Although the team is not going to stick around you waiting for a tip, it is important to appreciate them for their excellent work.


Tip the movers when…

There isn’t any particularly fixed tipping amount. Based on the services you receive, you can go with what you feel. But, before putting your hand into the pocket, there are some facts you should consider.


The environmental condition when the relocation process took place: You might have heard or read various times that a successful moving process highly depends on the weather condition. Packing and shifting valuables to another destination is indeed not an easy task, so if you find the team completing their job efficiently in an adverse temperature, show them some appreciation.

Complications during the move: No house is the same. The process of packing and moving items differs from size to size, whether it is a small apartment, a mid-sized condo, or a big penthouse. The movers may need to move up and down multiple times to assemble your moveable items at a place where they can pack them. Also, the team may need to go the extra mile and speed up the process if you have to relocate in the shortest period. Shouldn’t you appreciate their hard work after managing such complicated moves successfully?

The service quality: If you feel that the professional movers you have hired did their job effectively seeing to what they have done, then you should most essentially offer them the right amount of tip. Also, tip each mover in the team instead of giving money to a single person hoping that will be evenly distributed. This can most likely create chaos.


Other ways to appreciate the movers

Indeed, there are various ways to show your appreciation. It is not wrong to do something extraordinary to acknowledge the mover’s presence and admire their hard work.


Offer them some water, cold drinks, and snacks or a meal: Packing an entire house into separate boxes is an utterly stressful activity. Therefore it is a nice gesture to provide the packers some snacks with water and cold drinks. Depending on the time spent, you can also offer them a meal.

Write a positive review online for the company: Drop a ‘happy customer’ review online for the best moving company near me and share your experience with your friends. Let your friends learn about your experience working with the moving company. This way, you will help the company expand.


Shouldn’t tip when…

You are ‘not a happy customer’ with the help you received by the moving company. The scenarios when you shouldn’t tip include-

  • If the movers appear to be outside the planned time frame without letting you know
  • If the movers are disrespectful
  • If the movers failed to complete their job within the scheduled time frame
  • If the movers showed lack of attention and the belongs were damaged


Having signed a reputable and the best movers company, indeed, you do not need to worry since you are not going to experience any of the above.


Wrapping Up

When talking about tipping the movers, there is no exact reason or amount to tip. It entirely depends on you, your experience with the professional movers, and your feeling after reaching to the new destination. The simplest way to decide is to determine if or not you are satisfied with the service you were offered. Based on what you feel, tip them the amount you are comfortable with.

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