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Sincere Chem and its research on N-Methylaniline

Science is expanding day by day. With the increase in science and technology, the ultimate need of people is rapidly increasing. The enactment of technology in the research work stimulates a better life ahead. Similarly, chemical science in India is progressing rapidly, making life healthy and careful. These chemicals are used for generating new substances. Today, Science and Technology play a very significant role in the all-around development of a nation. 

About N-methylaniline

N-methylaniline CAS# 100-61-8 is a kind of excellent chemical which is used in the production of various fine chemicals. The compound is organic with the chemical formula C6H5NH(CH3). Various names of the compound are- N-methyl benzenamine, N-Monomethyl Aniline, N-Methyl-phenylamine, and (methylamino) benzene. N-METHYLANILINE is an amine. It counteracts acids in exothermic reactions to form salt and water. It is distinct with isocyanates, halogenated organics, peroxides, phenols, epoxides, anhydrides, and acid halides. Combustible gaseous hydrogen is produced in a mixture with strong reducing agents, such as hydrides.

Colour & Uses of N-methyl aniline

  •  N-Methylaniline CAS# 100-61-8 is used as a dormant and pairing solvent.
  • It is used as an arbitrator for dyes, agrochemicals, and various other organic product manufacturing. 
  • N-methyl aniline is soluble in water. 
  • It is a colourless, slightly yellow viscous liquid that turns brown when exposed to air. ​
  •  It can also be used to improve the octane signs of gasoline and organic synthesis, and can also be used as solvent in the chemical industry. 

Importance & Properties 

Store the chemical in a tightly closed container and keep it in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from different substance.The shelf life of proper storage conditions is 12 months. N-methylaniline is a compound that is aniline holding a methyl substituent at the nitrogen atom. It is phenylethylamine, a secondary amine, and a methylaniline. It is a strong basic compound. The stability is irritable and incompatible with strong oxidising agents.

Adverse effects of the Compound 

It is toxic and exposure can cause damage to the central nervous system and can also cause liver and kidney failure. Severe poisoning, skin, mucosa, serious cyanosis, dyspnea, disruptions, and shock. There is toxic hepatitis, kidney damage and various liver problems. There may be cystitis chemically. Conjunctival keratitis is caused by eye contact. Chronic poisoning: patients with neurasthenia syndrome, accompanied by mild cyanosis, anaemia, and liver, splenomegaly. Skin contact can cause eczema.

About Sincere Chem 

Sincere Chem is located in China and is a leading company in the production of chemical-based products.  Peter Ni is the person who established this company and gained lots of name and prestige in the market. They are the global leader in chemical-based different compounds.

The company is one of India’s leading manufacturers, exporters & suppliers of N-Methyl Aniline and various chemicals.

 The company’s expertise and years of experience have enabled it to develop & devote itself to multiple projects, manage sophistication and gain profitability all over the world. They offer new products and solutions across the chain. 

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