Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Sleep Tracking: Here’s How You Can Do It Using Apple Watch

In today’s hectic world where life is a bit of argy-bargy, most people often find struggling with peaceful sleep. This especially holds true in the ongoing pandemic crisis as it made good night rest significantly harder. Astoundingly, several studies reported that the word ‘insomnia was googled more in 2020 than ever before. This being the reason, many experts originated a new term – Coronasomia or Covid-somnia.

If you are one among those who find yourself grasping at straws to get a relaxed sleep in the middle of the night, trying the latest edition iWatch in blend with the Apple Watch sport band is a seamless idea. Yes, you heard it right! An Apple Watch is an innovative piece of technology that helps insomniacs and health-conscious people track sleep patterns via in-built features and support for third-party apps. The updated watchOS7 is a picture-perfect illustration as it is integrated with its own sleep tracker.

Let’s find out more about it so that you can relish a good and blissful sleep.

1. Set Up Sleep Schedules on Sleep App 

Sleep app integrated into series compatible with watchOS 7 allows one to create bedtime schedules so that daily sleep goals can be accomplished. To have access to the in-built Sleep app, make sure that your Apple Watch must be running watchOS 7. Series 3-6 or SE is essential to get the latest software. 

Once you have the updated software, the Sleep app can become your all-time solution to ensure proper sleep for the best of health. All you need to do is to open the Sleep App on your Apple Watch > tap the schedule > select the wake-up time if you like to change it.

You can wear your iWatch in coordination with the Apple Watch sports strap to bed, which in return can help you track the results of your sleep patterns. After you wake up, you can learn the number of hours you have slept and compare the sleep trends for 14 days.

Pro Tip: If you do not want your Apple Watch to go out of battery at night, consider charging it for an hour before going to sleep, especially if the existing battery is less than 30%.

2. Use Third-Party Apps

Sleep tracking can also be possible with watchOS 6 or higher in the form of third-party Apple Watch apps. Though there is no end to the list of useful apps, some of the finest ones shortlisted are –


  • AutoSleep


Unlike many other sleep tracker apps, AutoSleep works automatically. You will have to set up the app on your iPhone and complete the asked question to determine sleep. AutoSleep will then start evaluating your sleep duration and pattern after you lie down.

While using the app, make sure to complement your iWatch with a sport band for Apple Watch as it will make you feel comfortable at night time.


  • Pillow


Pillow app can be used to record the sound of snoring and other noises in sleep. You can track the power naps and other items such as sounds and alarms by manually triggering the app and tapping on start. 

Pillow will then start counting the hours and minutes of your sleep and let you have a record of it by the next morning. Further, the app is free to use but requires a subscription of $27.49 per year for advanced features and functionalities.


  • Sleep ++


Sleep ++ accessed on your iWatch in coordination with Apple Watch red sport band can help to determine the duration and quality of sleep. Start by opening the app > Start Manual Night button at bedtime. On the next morning, you can dive into the results after stopping the sleep button from turning off tracking.

These were some of the ways through which you can track your sleep and fulfill the set goals to stay as fit as a fiddle. Remember to accessorize it with an Apple Watch sport band to let the comfort, secure fitting, and breathability be in your store.

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