Improve your Social Media Presence with Smart Website Design

Your website and social media profiles are two entities that work towards the same goal. 

If you integrate your social media into your website, you can benefit from its combined power. Users visiting your site can go and share your posts on social media. Similarly, people reading your posts on social media will come to your site. 

As a result, you will get more traffic and higher rankings.

Let’s find out how your web design can boost your performance in social media. 

Benefits of Embedding Social Media in Web design

Social media elements help your site come alive. Without these elements, your site stays passive, dull, and boring. 

Your social icons help you show the face of your brand. Your customers will see you as a person who can relate to them in meaningful ways. 

Another compelling reason to include social elements is that they help you improve your web UX. Sometimes users will have to register to use your features. If you have social logins, it simplifies the process. 

It’s essential to add social elements. It will give you more engagement and has the potential to give a massive boost to your rankings. Work with a web design company in India to include social icons on your site.

Ways to Show Social Media Presence

You have seen how social elements in your site benefit your business. Now, let’s see how you can show them that you are present on social media.

  •    Profile links: These are social links that have the names of the social media sites. Having these social icons will help customers connect with you. You can even make custom icons that blend in with your brand seamlessly. 
  •    Share buttons: These buttons help people share your posts on social media. Every social network has its official buttons, and you can use them. A Social Media Optimization Company will help you create buttons of the correct size.
  •    Floating Bar: You can use the floating bar at the top, bottom, and sides to increase engagement rates. If you want to encourage people to make purchases, use countdown timers.
  •    Social logins: These logins help customers use your features effortlessly. They don’t have to create an account to comment on posts. 
  •    Social feed: You can show your social posts in your social feed. Posting visuals and stats will make people react to your posts. You can also feature your social media blogs here. Get the help of a Social Media Optimization Company to boost your engagement rates.
  •    Hashtags & Handles: Hashtags (#) and handles (@) draw people’s attention to your social media accounts. To make people follow you on social media, you can post something with your social media handle. You can also post interesting pictures and add your hashtags.
  •    Social Media Review Widgets: User reviews and testimonials might have names and photos. But there is no way you can speak to people who share positive reviews. With the help of review widgets, you can share tweets and Facebook posts about people who benefit from your brand.

Social Media Elements Placement

If social media elements are essential, so is their placement. 

Here are some areas where you can place your social icons:

  •    Headers: Customers first see the headers, and you can place these icons to encourage them to contact you.
  •    Footers: Your social icons can sit comfortably at the footer, together with other contact details. 
  •    Side Bars: Placing social icons in sidebars can attract people’s attention. These bars keep the icons fixed so that users will see them as they scroll through the text.
  •    On Copy/Content: Placing your social icons in your copy is a great idea. If your content provides valuable and interesting information, people will share it. So, it’s necessary to have social icons on your copy.

Keep only a few icons that serve your purpose. More is not necessarily good, as social icons with low engagement can hurt your conversion rates. You should remove them if they don’t serve your purpose. The icons should fit well and add to the harmony of the page. Your social media accounts should also be active and come to the aid of your customers’ needs.

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