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Solar Panel Installation: Is Worth Your Money in Las Vegas?

As people all around the world continue to depend on modern technology, the increase in demand for energy continues to go up. Consequently, expenses also go along with it. According to studies, energy demand inflation also results in more use of fossil fuels and other natural energy source types, which may negatively affect the environment.  

This energy demand is not a new scenario in Las Vegas, Nevada. After all, it is a city full of sparkling lights – a sleepless city. If people will not make an effort to try alternative ways to use sustainable energy sources, the typical sources could either be depleted or cause irreversible damage to our planet. 

What Is The Best Alternative?

The best alternative to supply energy is the one from our sun, solar power. While it is still a relatively budding idea, and there is still lots of room for improvement with the existing systems, its use and benefits are already enjoyed by many, not just in Nevada but worldwide.


For residents who have an interest in installing solar panels in Las Vegas, many are eager to see the promised positive effect that it can do on their yearly energy expenses. Moreover, did you know that due to its sunny climate, Nevada is one of the best locations to invest in solar energy? 

But why should you invest in one? Here are solar energy’s best benefits, which you can enjoy should you install panels on your property.


  • Lowered Energy Expenses


Installing a reliable solar system will lower your daily electric consumption. Plus, in most cases, switching to solar energy can significantly decrease your yearly energy bills. Looking into Las Vegas specifically, the sun shines brightly almost all year round at about 5.5 hours of bright sunlight daily. This amount of solar energy can power small to medium-sized homes. Still, there is no need to worry if the weather is cloudy. Most systems can gather about 20% solar energy, which can help to decrease your electric costs.


  • Higher Opportunity to Save Money


Typically, a Nevada resident spends more than $3,000 on energy costs yearly. Investing in solar panels could significantly lower your expenses. So, instead of putting your money on paying monthly electricity bills, you can save more through the use of solar energy.


  • Better ROI on Property Investment


Adding solar panels to a house that you intend to sell eventually is a good move when you are living somewhere sunny like Las Vegas. It might convince potential buyers to choose your property over others. Plus, it can give your property a higher than usual resale value. 


  • Decreased to No Carbon Footprint


Typical energy sources like fossil fuels leave an unwanted carbon footprint, which harms our environment. Choosing a more sustainable way to supply your energy will help preserve the planet we live on.

Are You An Ideal Candidate?

Not all residential or commercial properties are good candidates. You might want to check the criteria below to know if investing in a solar panel installation is beneficial for you.

  • You pay at least $75 for your electric bill monthly.
  • You utilize electricity mostly during daylight hours.
  • Your roof is in good condition and does not require repair or replacement soon.
  • Your roofing material is durable. Note that solar panel installations are not recommended for roofs made of slate, cedar shake, and cedar shingles. You may need additional support to install in these roof types to secure your panels.
  • Your roof does not have shades from trees or taller structures.


The initial payment you need to prepare to start a solar system investment is the most significant challenge for most Las Vegas homeowners. The good news is there are existing tax incentives and rebates that residents can apply for to lessen the costs. Moreover, as solar power gets more advanced and more companies to provide newer systems, the equipment prices also continue to decrease bit by bit.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the estimated price of a solar panel goes about $3.80 to $4 per watt between 2017 to 2019. If an average household needs about six kilowatts of the solar system, the estimated cost that a Las Vegas homeowner needs to shell out is about $17,000. This amount is before any tax reduction or rebates, so the price can still significantly decrease. 

Nevada Tax Rebates and Incentives

The state, local, and even the federal government take actions to boost the effort of encouraging Las Vegas residents to invest in sustainable forms of energy, such as solar power. For those who will participate, the government offers various tax incentives and rebates. According to surveys, homeowners who have successful incentives and rebates applications noticed that the amount they have to pay lowered by about 30% of the total cost.

Here are some of the discounts and incentives that Las Vegas homeowners can enjoy.

  • Portfolio Energy Credits: This credit is based on the performance of your solar system and is offered to those who live in Nevada.
  • Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit: This credit is a personal program offered by the federal government if you engage in investing in renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.
  • Nevada Energy Rebate Program: This rebate program is offered by Nevada Energy, a Las Vegas utility company.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in a fourth of a century, a homeowner in Las Vegas can save up to $35,000 of energy expenses using a solar panel during his lifetime?

VERDICT: YES. Installing solar panels in Las Vegas is worth your money. 

Homeowners who choose to switch to the use of solar power observe a significant difference in their yearly energy expenses. Las Vegas residents, specifically, who have an estimated $120 monthly bill, can lower their costs up to 100%. Other than the reduction of your expenses, you can also help to decrease carbon footprinting, which is potentially harmful to the environment. 

Proceeding to install solar panels is worth your money. It has helped lots of people worldwide not just save money and even the planet. Your next move now is to find and get in touch with expert solar panel installers. They can help you measure what your home needs and how to proceed using the sun’s power for your daily requirements.

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