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Solitaire Engagement Rings

Are you about to ask the question? At such a special moment, you will undoubtedly want to give her a beautiful and unique engagement ring.

A Diamond Solitaire Ring is a perfect jewel for the classic, elegant bride. The solitaire setting symbolizes loyalty and eternal love. Usually, the gemstone is high on a simple band, making the gemstone a real eye-catcher. Especially when you choose a solitaire ring with a diamond.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

What is the meaning of the Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A solitaire ring is a classic engagement ring with a single diamond, generally a round brilliant. As early as the 19th century, women were given classic solitaire rings with diamonds for engagement.

The word expresses exactly what the solitaire ring is. Solitaire means Single. A diamond solitaire ring is therefore set with only one diamond. The style of solitaire engagement rings can vary. There is the classic version, with a simple band, on which the diamond is placed in a high, open environment, making the most of the clarity and brilliance of the stone, and there is for example the vintage version where a band adorns with all kinds of small details could be.

However, if you choose a ring in which the diamond is set lower, we also offer these rings. Classic, modern, or special designs. They are all possible for your diamond solitaire ring.

What does a Solitaire Engagement Ring Symbolize?

A solitaire diamond engagement ring is of course a symbol of your love, but it means much more. If you buy a diamond ring for your engagement, you also choose a ring that stands for honesty and purity. A diamond is very pure, which is also one of the reasons for the special brilliance of this gemstone. Furthermore, a solitaire engagement ring symbolizes immutability. With this you symbolically show the trust in your relationship; that it is just as long-lasting as the diamond wedding ring.

Solitaire Engagement Ring with diamonds has a beautiful sparkle. You may still wonder what the difference is between a diamond and a brilliant ring. You may have heard of ‘brilliantly sharpened’. A brilliant ring has a cut diamond. A brilliant cut or brilliant cut is a way to polish a diamond. With this cut, the diamond is shaped in such a way that the light is reflected optimally. This gives a diamond engagement ring such a special shine. So when you hear or read about a brilliant cut engagement ring, it means that it is a ring with a brilliant-cut round diamond.

Which precious metal is suitable for your Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Are you also planning to choose a solitaire ring? In that case, the first step may be to select the desired precious metal. In this area, you can choose a solitaire ring made of White gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose gold. The most often chosen options in practice are, of course, the yellow gold as well as the white gold solitaire rings.

However, are you more likely to be found for a more special option? In that case, you could opt for a platinum copy. It’s all possible.

Have you chosen in terms of precious metals? In that case, you will also have to determine the alloy. By alloy is meant the ratio of gold or platinum to the other metals that will be incorporated into the ring. If you like to learn more about the different types of metals available at our Online Store at Gemistone Jewelers

What is a Prong Setting in Solitaire Ring?

The wire-shaped pins that form the outer part of the setting for the gemstone are called “claws”. The appearance of the six prongs in traditional frames is reminiscent of claws. This is why the name “claw setting” is also in use. The diamond unfolds its unique sparkle in a prong setting. Light can reach the diamond unhindered. Due to the reflected light, the diamond develops a maximum of brilliance. Classic engagement rings shine through this elegant setting.

The stone of your choice can be placed in a claw setting or a bezel setting. Our tiniest claw setting holds it firmly with four or six tines. This allows a greater amount of light to pass through, allowing the stone to stand out better.

A bezel setting masterfully encloses your chosen stone, offering greater protection against everyday wear and tear. It also significantly increases the perceived diamond size.

A solitaire engagement ring is a symbol of understated elegance. Its versatility gives you the freedom to choose the ring that you feel best represents the enduring love and commitment that you and your partner share.

A Special Engagement Ring Customization According to Your Wishes

At Gemistone Jewelers we offer the option to customization your traditional engagement ring. You can choose from the rings shown above, which you can adjust yourself. With our online configurator, you can select any gold color you want; white gold rose gold and yellow gold solitaire rings.

Or you can make it even more exclusive by choosing a platinum solitaire ring. You can also choose from different birthstones and the size of the gemstones. For instance, choose a solitaire ring with a sapphire, if your bride was born in September. But for those who prefer a unique engagement ring, we offer the possibility to have your own design made. Send us your design and we’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Our goldsmiths have a huge passion for the craft that makes jewelry. They are happy to help you create a beautiful classic solitaire ring for this special occasion. Our goldsmiths are distinguished by their craftsmanship and are ready to make a personal and unique piece of jewelry for you.

How to Buy Solitaire Engagement Rings Online?

Looking for diamond engagement rings? Diamond solitaire engagement rings come in many shapes and styles. A solitaire ring consists of one diamond; you can opt for a simple solitaire ring or an engagement ring with extra flair.

A diamond solitaire ring is a classic engagement ring, by far the most popular choice is the round brilliant cut ring, and its shape has its special charm.

If you want to surprise with a solitaire engagement ring, diamond solitaire is always a good choice. If your partner wants to shine, even more, you can opt for an amplifier. An enhancer is a complementary band that embraces your solitaire diamond ring. They are smaller diamonds on each side of the solitaire.

Many women prefer to wear their engagement ring over their wedding ring. Choose one of the diamond engagement rings from our online store with a competitively priced range of rings, because when you buy a piece of jewelry at Gemistone Jewelers, you are not only buying a beautiful piece of jewelry at the best price.

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