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Problems from finding the customers and generating leads to recruitment and balancing the quality are fixable, all you need is to redesign the strategy that can help you to be competitive in front of the established market giants.  Here are the top challenges; you may be facing as an owner of a small enterprise.

The inefficient business model

The inefficient business model that leads to compromising on the quality of the product and services they produce is one of the biggest flaws. In contract, businesses should not focus on revenue-generating things rather more focus on the business plan that can promote greater efficiency. Follow this simple plan to devise a better and effective business model.

Integrate technology-based solution

You can lower the production cost and streamlined the operation by integrating the technology-based solution. For instance, you can swap landline or post-paid mobile devices with social apps likes Skype or messenger for communication.

Spreading brand awareness

Spreading brand awareness is the biggest challenge that every startup may have to face. They find it extremely difficult to compete with the market giant. The companies or business giant may have failures, rejection, and hard work behind the scene. Nothing is impossible without the hard work and efficiency in whatever you do. Here is the quick fix that helps you to spread brand awareness in a fairly small time.


Co-marketing will help you in many ways especially inheriting the image and reputation of other’s brands. It will assist you to boost your marketing efforts and meantime getting the new contracts.


Blogging is an excellent way to spread positive words of mouth about your brand. Blogging not just helps to drive traffic but also exponentiates the leads.

Social media

Instagram promotion can make you zero to hero in no time. All you have to do is to come up with quality content. Design a social strategy and publish content on peak hours especially on Instagram when the maximum of your followers are online. It will boost the engagement and this eventually lets you have your content on the explore page. Hash out your content wisely to attract like-minded people. Improving social media game can let your business have more exposure and visibility in comparatively less time.

Lead generation


There is one big issue that most small businesses have to face is how to make the sales team happy by generating sufficient sales. You are not alone, generating quality and quantity based lead generation is the objective of every small to large-sized business. A successful lead generation engine is the one that keeps funnel full of prospects while you sleep. This is how you can fix the lead generation process.

  • Optimizing your site to transform your prospect to customer is critical. For that optimize each page and guide those visitors who are wondering what to do next.
  • Prioritize the most important pages like homepage, contact us or about us pages. You can also use several free marketing lead generation tools that often prove to be game-changer for small businesses.

Create a productive culture within your organization

Running a business no matter how small it is not possible for a single individual. We may have to depend on others for the number of tasks or to manage the different areas of our business. consider hiring good people not the best. However, it is fine to recruit employees with great educational achievement, longest tenure but you should not put aside the fact that all the accolades and degrees can be destructive for your company if that person does not properly fit with the organization culture. Therefore, it is recommendable to choose a person who may have not huge career achievements but can adapt your organization’s culture professionally and happily.

A small business can be successful if the focus is on soft skills rather hard skills of the candidates while recruiting. The preliminary interview should be based upon topics or discussions that let you uncover a candidate’s best and deep-rooted attributes. It will help you understand whether the person can adapt to the changing circumstances and grow with your organization or not.

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