Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Social Metaverse

Social metaverse, previously an ambiguous term, is coming into reality as apps represented by Soul App and Roblox rise in the market. As pioneer contributors of the metaverse, Soul App provides an inclusive virtual playground for the younger generation to step into the upcoming metaverse and enjoy the pleasure of a novel social life. 

Looking back on the trends of the recent two years and the development trace of these apps, we can see that young people show a strong appetite for an immersive social experience. Previously, an immersive environment is long welcomed in offline social scenarios. Nowadays, this trend is gradually transferred to online social scenarios and the epidemic accelerated this process. Previously, the online multiplayer game Among Us stirred a craze among game lovers, where players immerse themselves in various scenarios. Similarly, in the track of social apps, Soul App managed to combine both innovative social modes and gamified interactions and takes a lead in the creation of an immersive social space.

How did this platform incorporate social networking into virtual platforms and construct an immersive social space? The powerful AI algorithm and gamified interaction modes behind it can tell part of the secret. To guide its users into the social metaverse, Soul App would require its users to create an avatar when they register this app for the first time, which can be regarded as the passport to the metaverse. Dressed in personalized virtual avatars, users get a new identity that can truly display their characteristics and personalities. 

Interest graph is another technique Soul App utilizes to help its users discover a virtual identity that lies in the depth of their personality. Users are invited to take a short personality quiz, the result of which is subsequently adopted to portray their interest profiles. Then the AI would feed them to interest circles where they could meet users with similar appetites.

In this way, every user is portrayed from two aspects, a customized avatar representing a renewed image and an interesting profile established on their inner personalities. The two aspects are the basic tune for their virtual identity. It doesn’t matter whether you are a gregarious person or an introverted individual. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the virtual space and play their piece of music.

During the quarantine, there have been many restrictions on offline gatherings and social apps have seized the demand and launched immersive play modes. What truly distinguishes Soul App from its competitors is its ability to maintain authenticity and a sense of recognition. It has launched a series of gamified features that are developed to encourage its users to venture into online interactions with others and immerse themselves into virtual social life. 

Features like Soul Cam and Virtual Parties are widely enjoyed in Soul App. Soul Cam is a feature that can generate a 3D avatar mask based on the facial details of real persons. Virtual Party is also developed in response to the call for immersive social interaction and continues to add to SOUL’s appeal to young people. At these parties, users participate in the same gamified scenarios and enjoy the environment of free communication. This offers a novel way for individuals to reveal their deep-lying personalities and get inspired by one another through creative interactions. 

As mentioned previously, Soul App’s immersive virtual playground is developed centering on virtual identity and interest profiling. And these features are no exception. In this way, they not only contribute to an immersive online social environment but also maximize the natural charisma of virtual social life, which can not be retrieved in real life. What’s more, these solutions can be recognized as one giant leap forward in Soul App’s efforts in the exploration of the social metaverse.

Previously, Soul App released its new mission, which is to build a social metaverse for the younger generation. The social metaverse may seem exotic for the majority of the public, yet it foreshadows the tendency of future social life. A social metaverse is no different from a real playground considering that they are both devoted to guiding individuals to get real-life experiences in another world, where users leave behind the constraints of reality and plunge into a second life. To address this demand, Soul App established a virtual playground for its users. It invites each of the participants to join the interactions, experience novel social modes, and ultimately immerse themselves into virtual social life. 

Although the metaverse is still in its infant ages, young people are more willing than ever to embrace this new trend of social networking and immerse themselves in a virtual world. The popularity of apps like Roblox and Soul App is the monument of this inevitable tendency. In the near future, more creative ideas are expected to emerge in relevant industries and lead the public to explore themselves in the immersive social experiences both in real life and the social metaverse.

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