Stay Safe and Get rid of Asbestos

Many of the construction materials used in the early days of building used asbestos because of their fire-resistant and insulating properties. But when damaged, this residential toxin can cause a lot of health-related problems. 

The period of 1930 to 1980 was the peak of asbestos in both commercial and residential buildings. The material was used mainly in the ceiling, floor, walls, and many other places for insulation. If your home was built back in that period, there’s a possible chance that the material has aged over time. You can also visit for asbestos eaves removal.

As the material is too small, it is barely visible with a naked eye. Hiring a professional asbestos removal services is always a good idea. Because risking your family’s heath to remove asbestos on your own is not worth it.

The dangers of asbestos removal 

If the area where the asbestos is applied breaks down or crumbles, it will release fibers into the air. If you inhale just one of these fibers, it can cause mesothelioma and in some cases lung cancer

Unless a material contains asbestos is labeled, it is hard to find it on your own. The best way to check it is to hire a licensed asbestos surveyor. They have testing equipment that checks the building condition and recommends if a removal process is required or not. Not only this, they also make sure that during the asbestos removal process, no fibers get airborne. 

Dealing with Asbestos in your home 

In many states, a homeowner can remove asbestos from the home interior. However, it’s strictly forbidden to do this on the exterior. It is not recommended unless you’re an experienced constructor or have prior knowledge. Before you consider removing it, the authorities recommend the following: 

  • If the material is not damaged, just leave it. Removing it will always increase the risk of the material getting airborne
  • Encapsulate the surface of the material to prevent it from spreading
  • Enclose the material with something that covers asbestos coating

All of these methods should be done by specialized professionals and licensed Asbestos removal. 

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Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to deal with asbestos.

Preparing the workspace

  • Cover the surface with plastic sheeting
  • Turn off the power and seal any open space
  • Remove furniture or any other present items
  • Make sure that the ventilation is sealed
  • Use signs to restrict anyone from entering the area

Personal Safety

  • Wear a protective respiratory mask
  • Don’t expose yourself while you’re working
  • Invest in a good quality respiratory suit
  • Remove the protective clothing, sanitize it and properly wash yourself
  • Make sure that you don’t smoke, eat or drink without washing hands

Safe practice for Disposal

  • Use polyethylene bags to contain the asbestos waste
  • Make sure everything you’ve used while cleaning is disposed
  • Ventilate the area when the removal process is done
  • Don’t let people enter the area for at least a week

Leave it to the Professionals

The list is just a touch-up of the things you required during the process. And if you’ve no prior knowledge, it’s going to be a very difficult ride. Hiring an experienced and licensed Asbestos Removal team would certainly help you out. 

An asbestos professional first test the workspace and then set up a containment area. These individuals have industry-grade equipment that allows them to work more efficiently and precisely. Once the removal process is done, proper cleaning is done in the entire area for safety precaution. The team makes sure that the risk of getting fiber airborne is minimal. 

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