Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Empty chairs in the event are dreadful dream for the event organizer. There are several ways to boost up attendance at corporate events. Revolution in technology made it easy to boost attendance at events. Most of the people like to attend the well-organized event. People want to learn about new things, communicate with new people, and want to meet with experts in their fields.

Here are some ways to boost attendance at corporate events:

  • Use of iPad’s/tablets

  • Mobile app

  • Social media marketing

  • Quizzes and winners

  • Q & A session

Use of iPad’s/tablets

According to the international telecommunication union, approximately, 6.8 billion people using smart technology such as iPad’s, tablets and mobile phones as well as the world total population is 7.1 billion. The number of figure shows that in the modern world, peoples are addicted to the new technology. They want to communicate with each other and reduce the distance between them. Also, they want to share information and new ideas. Therefore, ensure the attendance about the availability of iPad in the event. Hire the iPad from iPad hire for events companies rather than buy. Many companies provide the iPad rental services at a very cheap price for events such as, Business events, business meetings, product launch events etc. This step is highly effective for boost attendance in a corporate event.

Mobile app

Mobile technology is evolving progressively, technology has changed the trend of event attendance methods. Event industry emerging worldwide and business events become very popular and marketing tool for company sales and brand identity. Mobile technology plays a key role in event attendance. Therefore mobile app is essential to boost the event attendance. Mobile app will tell the venue of the event to the audience and notifications about new updates of event. Through the mobile app people could be able to get the tickets and other related information.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a famous and powerful tool for boost up attendance. No one can deny the value of social media marketing. The worth of social media is immense in any event. Share your event information and updates such as different session timings, organizers list, details about chief guests etc. through social media platform such as Facebook. Make event name YouTube channel and upload the video content of the last event. Also, Twitter has his own worth in the world of social media.

Quizzes and winners

Inform people about online quiz and the winner will get the reward. A reward could be in the shape of money, company services etc. Quiz should be very specific. It could be about the event, about your company, product, services which you are offering, and your existing client’s experience with you. Announce the price for quiz winner in social media or other related platforms. The announcement of quizzes and the price will be the highly effective and entertaining step for boost up the attendance in the event. Release the details about previous winners on social media.

For online quizzes you must need to provide an iPad to your event attendees. If the company event location is London (England) than it will be very easy to get an iPad on rent. Because many companies offer to take the iPad on rent from iPad hire London companies at a very cheap price for short terms of period.

Q & A session

People want to discuss about the company and their ideas, they want to get information through question and answer session. Through this session people gets close to the experts and organizers and also with the help of this session the confidence of people increase on your company and services. Therefore must inform them about the Q&A session through information channels.

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