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Successfully crack the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test(NEET) 2022

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If an aspirant wants to successfully crack the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test(NEET) 2022, then he/she needs to have utmost focus on the Biology section of the Test. As this test constitutes around a whopping fifty percent of the portions covered, with a set of 90 questions, giving a possibility to score 360 marks in total, that only a shrewd candidate with all the topics covered and understood could crack the exam. Out and Out, there is a bright chance for a candidate to score above 340 marks, if one is provided with an air-tight plan. 

Here are the basic 5 rules that one should adhere to, to accomplish centum in the Biology section, 

  1. Get down all the NCERT based questions:- 

NCERT textbooks are almost given the status of a religious/holy scripture by NEET aspirants and they have been right about this all the while. NCERT textbooks contain the key diagrams, tables and examples to be literally mugged up for the NEET, together with equal importance to key topics in the 11th and 12th standard textbooks. The questions are equally divided amongst these books.

  1. Practice Practice and more practice:-

For every chapter that you need to cover, a standard count of around 300 MCQs should be covered just so you make sure that you are getting to the nook and corner of the subject. The 300 MCQs count is a magical count as you can literally make sure that you are pretty much thorough with the entire topic and that you have not missed out on any of the subjects in the given chapter without your knowledge. 

  1. Cut the cluttered approach:-

Even though you must cover every nook and corner in the given chapter as said earlier, you are also not to lose precious time chasing concepts that will not hog the limelight in the exam. You must allocate your time to the most important topics. To be exact, focus more on the high-scoring items such as animal physiology, ecology, plant, and genetics.

  1. Take a chill pill from time to time:-

This is NEET and we know it is very demanding and that we ought to not lose track of time and run a tight ship with regards to our preparation, but as the old saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, one should not push their limits concerning what the human mind and the body can handle. Take care of your body first. Rest well. Take time off this busy schedule to refresh your mind, as what you need is a sound mind and that could be given to you only by a sound body.

  1. Flashcards and notes:-

The art of retention when it comes to memorizing key topics is through two key processes. The first is to take notes efficiently and the second is to recall what you have learned in the past during your study sessions. A popular research study states that you should set aside time for recalling what you have memorized from your last study session so that you get stronger in memorizing the same and recalling it for future use. Flashcards and notes help with the process of uploading the items onto your brain and the method of recalling the same ensures retention of the uploaded stuff.

  1. Doubt clearing sessions:-

We have covered how it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the topics and that you do not mug up un-understood topics. It is also crucial here to have a mentor who could give you the understanding with the right words in the shortest period. It could be your study pal or it could be your teacher at the coaching center or school. Try and establish a very good rapport with your guru and have a way to reach them in the shortest time with a collection of your doubts and have a go at them with them. Hence, Doubt clearing sessions prove to be very effective when done in bouts. It is better to clear 10 questions at one go than to get them over one by one.

  1. Frequent Mock Tests:-

We have discussed how solving 300 MCQs / Chapter is the magical number to have the entire chapter covered without any lapse in understanding, but it is also crucial to give a mock test from time to time to mix up all the MCQs such as Important Questions for NEETBiology covered from all chapters all around. Chapter-wise repeat problem solving could prove to be a very narrow/short-sighted approach as it would only make you familiar with that chapter for that time being. Always give a mock test and get the result to gauge your current status concerning your preparation and scoring.

  1. Examples, Diagrams, and Tables:-

The examples, diagrams, and tables are a different set of data that one needs to cover and properly recall during the Test. These are better understood and memorized separately. This is akin to a CAT aspirant taking up the number system tables, squares, formulas, and so on. 

  1. Good Diet and Workout:-

It is a proven fact that proper sleep is crucial for your body to stay sharp. Avoiding late-night meals and having a proper diet plan will take out any unexpected outage of time and attention caused by illnesses. A proper but mild workout could keep you ready for the game all the time. This will also help you handle the tension and stress that is generally associated with NEET, especially with the stigma associated with the stress level taken up by fellow aspirants in popular media, and some of them turning out to be factually very true. 

The above points are just pointers and could come in handy for an aspirant. Always have a keen eye for topics from Biology as this would prove to be the backbone of your preparation and if you get this down completely you have a strong core that you can work on concerning the NEET preparation extraordinarily.

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