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Not all of us live in big houses, and if you happen to be a bachelor or live away from your family, chances are you don’t even need a big house to call it home. But yes, less space is a constraint and limits us in the number of things we can accommodate within that limited space. 

This puts us in a bit of a dilemma when buying essential appliances like inverters. As mostly we are used to seeing big bulky machines that take up a lot of space, and when space is limited, it can stop us from getting one because “Where would you keep it?” Mini inverters offer an excellent solution to this problem. 

The best part? These power backup solutions are available at  affordable mini inverter and battery prices

In this article, we will help you tackle your space constraints by laying out a few points that will help you get that inverter and battery without having to dedicate a large part of your home to keep them. 

Getting a Mini Inverter 

Well, as we all know, products, electronics, chipsets, computers, etc., are all getting smaller by the day. So, what’s stopping an inverter from getting smaller in size without sacrificing performance? Well, mini inverters are a great choice for people with space constraints at home who would like something smaller yet powerful enough to give them sufficient backup when required. 

If you are one of those people, then get yourself a mini inverter as they have a small footprint, and you can easily accommodate them in your home. Luminous has a range of mini inverters at affordable mini inverters with battery prices that you can check out in case you are actively looking for something small and powerful. 

Get a Smaller Battery 

A 150 Ampere hours (Ah) battery isn’t that big in size but can deliver efficient power backup and run most of your basic electrical appliances like fans, lights, and television sets.

See, it’s not impossible to fix a home power backup unit within the space you have at your home. Just combine a mini inverter with a 150Ah battery to set up your very own power backup system. 

Now, what about the pricing? How do you get a mini inverter with a battery price that’s affordable? Well, we are here to help you with that as well. 

Check Out Luminous’ Online Store 

Luminous’ online store offers a vast selection of mini inverters with battery prices available across the GEL, tubular and flat plate range of batteries. This selection isn’t available anywhere else, plus you can get exclusive offers like product-specific discounts and deals on the official website .

Visit an Authorized Dealer 

You can also make an in-person visit to one of the  authorized dealer store. This also allows you to feel the product physically, which is impossible when shopping online. However, only buy from authorized retailers, and don’t fall for cheaply built products manufactured by local dealers if you want complete value for your money. 

Setting up your home power backup system is easy when you know which type of inverter and battery to buy and where to buy them from. There are many brands in the market. However, Luminous has the widest product portfolio to choose from. Also, they are market leaders in the category with an unmatched service network. So, if you really want a product that’s value for money, then do check out their range of mini inverters with battery prices right away!

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