Sun. Oct 1st, 2023


Start by also stopping focusing on your flaws . Instead, take a good look at yourself and see what pleases you about yourself. This is in order to focus on highlighting these conscious assets and not on what you don’t like about your body. Are your legs pretty? Your beautiful cleavage? Your size ? Learn how to look at yourself so you can dress correctly . Because nothing is more important than encouraging yourself before creating your dresstyle. Most importantly, stop scrutinizing your complexes and comparing yourself to others. It will be a significant step forward, believe me!


A very classic misconception is that you have to be rich to be stylish and well dressed. The first thought that comes to us is “it’s easy to have style when you have money”. Because with money, you can buy more clothes and their number would be THE guarantee of success in the creation of your style. Or the branded clothes. Owning expensive or luxury clothes would immediately give you that elegance you are looking for …


We know that style or elegance cannot be bought. What matters is finding the right balance between the budget you have and the style you have or would like to have. Define whether your style requires investing in beautiful, quality clothing or not.


If you have no problem with fast fashion and feel that with your budget you can only afford these clothes at low prices,. But be aware that there are other alternatives. We can manage to afford beautiful paisley print bikini dress, skirt and branded pants ,with a lower budget, by reducing the quantity of our purchases or by buying second-hand. Building an ideal wardrobe can take time or even years, but the adventure is worth the effort!

Get inspired and stay creative

Our style does not define us for our whole life and fortunately! We have the right to make it evolve, to affirm it… We have the right to have fun, fashion is a great playground and that’s why I love it so much. Who knows, today I am rather a fan of the Scandinavian minimalist but maybe in ten years I will be wearing all kinds of prints? If there is one thing that fashion has taught me, it is never to say never …


So even though I feel comfortable with my current style, I never stop being inspired. It’s not an effort for me since I love fashion, I can spend hours reading blogs, looking at fashion accounts on Instagram, surfing small designer websites, filling virtual shopping carts or pinning pictures on my Pinterest account.


I know a lot of people who make inspirational paintings by cutting pictures out of magazines, for example. I do not practice this method but it seems that it is very effective. On the other hand, I have a real fascination for strangers that I meet in the street. If I like a silhouette or an outfit, I look at them in detail and I can spend long minutes deciphering why I like the ensemble so much . I always try to stay discreet because I think it’s a little scary to see someone analyzing you from head to toe… But the streets or public transport are really my biggest source of fashion inspiration in the world. daily, much more than Pinterest which is beautiful to look at but whose images are sometimes far from reality.


  1. Don’t think of fashion as futile. Don’t be ashamed to love him.
  2. Dressing every day and finding your style shouldn’t be a source of conflict with your inner self.
  3. Do not be afraid to look around you, to be inspired, to dream… This is how you will tame fashion and how to dress will seem natural and pleasant to you.


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