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The cost of starting a business is decreasing every year, which is especially important for tech stuff (business ideas) – to start, it is enough to have a computer with an Internet connection. The most difficult part of developing ideas is the problem of choice. To be successful, it must incorporate products that are in steady demand. A business should be run by a person who enjoys doing this business and knows how to do it. Any technology business idea involves promotion through advertising, which requires a certain amount of money, and word of mouth, which works after the appearance of satisfied customers.

Music tech – Spotify and SoundCloud

You can invest money in Spotify and SoundCloud artists. Start with a Spotify band or artist. Reach out to the artists that have a low number of plays and few fans. You need to focus on newbie artists. Buy Spotify plays $1 for a new campaign, create social media accounts and ask artists to participate in the PRs too.

Aerial photography

It is made from quadcopters. Panoramic shooting with high-quality video is in progress. These devices can already come with a built-in video camera and memory card, or with the ability to install your own camera. Devices differ in price, starting for business – from 10 thousand dollars.

You can make money in this business by shooting:

  • weddings and other mass celebrations;
  • cottages and other types of real estate;
  • Entertainment;
  • commercials.

1 hour of aerial photography costs an average of 8 thousand dollars. The more demand, the more profit.

Production of semi-finished meat products

Starting this business, you need to choose a room that meets sanitary and epidemiological requirements. The best option is to rent one in which such work was carried out. It is desirable that there are high ceilings (communications supply), the location is not in the basement and not in a residential building.

This business requires a fairly significant initial investment. It is necessary to purchase equipment, carry out repairs, connect communications, purchase inventory, confirm the conformity of products, purchase raw materials, pay salaries and deductions to employees.

Economic efficiency is largely determined by a successful start. We need to build up ties, look for new outlets. The return on investment can occur in 1-3 years, depending on the correct implementation of the marketing policy. There are many unoccupied niches in the meat semi-finished products market. A novice businessman needs to pay attention to the quality of products in order to achieve competitiveness.

Growing microgreens

Microgreens are young shoots of root vegetables or cereals. It is believed that during the ripening period, these sprouts contain the maximum concentration of nutrients. Many times more than in adult plants. The term of one plant cycle is up to two weeks, the shelf life is from 7 to 14 days. Therefore, there is a very short period of time from the idea to the start of the implementation of the product, which is an advantage, but it is desirable to prepare in advance for sales.

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