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As the use of internet is increasing day by day at a tremendous rate, the security issues related with the internet are also increasing. SS7 attacks have become so common nowadays with people having very little knowledge about them. Nowadays technology is so advanced that anyone can be hacked easily and all their information can be used in a way to harm them or the peoples related with them. Being secure is just an intuition nowadays. The most common SS7 hacking that is done nowadays can literally give the power to a hacker of an invisible man. You can read about the famous SS7 hacking-

We all are surrounded by the internet today all our information, our money , our valuable documents are on the internet and anyone with the great knowledge about how the internet works can take advantage and can get all the information.

How hackers are manipulating the brains and the world

social engineering attack
social engineering attack

I am going to tell you about some basic methods through which your information can be hacked by someone. Social Engineering is the most used technique used nowadays to hack someone. Social engineering refers to the physical/emotional manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. In this technique the hacker tricks the user to click or download the malicious link or application sent by the hacker, once the user clicks or download the malicious link or application the hacker gains the access to his system.

Social engineering tactics:

  1. The social engineer tries to convince the victim on the call by trying to behave familiar. He makes the person believe that he/she is a fellow employ or a known person. The person tries to develop a strong connection to become friendly.
  2. Trying a familiar language. It is proved that you are more willing to share information with a person who speaks the same language as you.
  3. Faking the person by putting him on hold. It is like saying my other line is ringing and making the person on hold. During the hold some familiar words are said to the person’s office to make him believe like it is related to their corporation.
  4. Phone number spoofing: By using SS7 hacking the attacker may call from anywhere but it will come from a contact in your phone list.
  5. Creating false information to panic you. This involves makes the person in making fast and wrong decisions.

Famous Social Engineering Attacks:

Watering hole attacks: In this cyber criminals set up a website that looks like an official one. In 2013 this technique was used to hack the US department of labor and in return a various malwares and Trojans were planted in the visitor’s computer.


The Sony pictures attack: It was done in 2014 by North Koreans by using simple phishing technique. The journalists were about to release a interview regarding king of North Korea. But however the government agencies were involved in hacking the official Sony website.


In 2013 around 3 billion accounts were hacked by a simple mistake of a Yahoo engineer. He just opened up a mail and ended up compromising 3 billion accounts.

In 2018 for a period of time the famous song Despacito was removed. It was not the youtube channel that was hacked but the website of Luis Fonsi was hacked. They got the access of youtube channel from the website.
How to prevent social engineering attacks:

The firewall won’t mean much if you are tricked to click on a malicious link which you think came from a facebook friend or a LinkedIn connection. This is the power of the social engineering attack, firewall becomes useless. By social engineering hackers can hack your bank account and transfer all your money. But you can prevent social engineering attack just by taking care of few things.

Following are the things to take care:

  1. Just notice about link you clicked (mainly HTTP or HTTPS)
  2. Don’t give your credentials to a fake phone call; first be sure that it’s a original phone call.
  3. Don’t download files from entrusted sources.
  4. Don’t enter your credentials to any link you got from any unknown person on social media or anywhere.

On should keep in mind these basic points while entering their credentials or downloading any file from the internet.

A real life hacking story: No system is safe.

I am going to tell you an incident which happened with my uncle that will blow your mind. My uncle was living in U.S and they suddenly planned to move to India so they arranged all the documents for getting the Indian citizenship and moving in India to start a business here. They were also transferring all their money from an American bank to a bank in India. But here comes the twist, my uncle got an email from the bank telling them that their account password has been changed and if it was not them then please change the password again or reset the password.

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Uncle got scared and changed the password but after some time all their money was gone. His lifetime savings were gone in a few minutes. Now you all must be thinking that how’s it possible because he changed the password when required. But that was a trap that mail was a fake mail sent by the hacker to get his credentials. When he clicked the link and entered his credentials the hacker got his credentials and stole his all the money.

So that was the power of a Social Engineering attack. You all must take care while clicking any link or entering your credentials anywhere.Click on the link to read the full guide to use z shadow hacking tool by which you can hack anyone facebooks, Instagram, Gmail password(No technical skill required).


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