Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
The Benefits of Phone System Desktop App Integration

Communication is essential to any business. With the power of the internet, having an IP phone system integrated with your business can help to save time, money and can improve certain processes. Not only can you enjoy crystal clear voice communications, but did you know that you can integrate your IP phone system with certain desktop apps that you use in your business to further streamline your processes? Let’s go over some of the benefits of desktop app integration.


One of the biggest hurdles that businesses face when using a system such as Salesforce is that of manual data entry. In Salesforce you can log when you had a call as well as produce notes to help you out the next time you contact that individual. By integrating your phone system to Salesforce, you can free up your salespeople’s time as they won’t have to manually enter data when calls happen as those IP phone calls will be logged automatically. By automating this process, you can also make sure that call logs are more accurate as the chance of missing a manual data entry is essentially eliminated.


Manual data entry increases the chances of misinformation, delays, as well as missed data. By automating data entry, it can help to remove human error out of the mix. Having accurate call data is crucial to businesses who live or die by their call numbers and how many calls have actually taken place. For companies with call center functionality and duties, automating the entry of logging calls is essential to raising their bottom line.

Customer Service

When your IP phone system is integrated with a program such as Salesforce, your agents can be better equipped to provide better customer service to your clients. For example, when properly integrated, a screen can pop up when a call comes in that instantly displays the customer’s information as well as their notes and orders to make it even faster for a customer service representative to help them and give them the information they need.

Save Time

The days of punching in a phone number digit by digit are over. With proper integration, you can make or receive calls with one click, thus saving your agents time and increasing productivity. In a normal work day, wasted seconds add up to missed opportunities to make and take essential calls.

API Integration

In order to integrate your IP phone system into your desktop applications, your IP phone system must have the ability to plug into and connect via an API. For example, Salesforce has a very robust API which can allow for a lot of integration assuming you have an IP phone system that has the existing tools and can use the functionality that Salesforce offers via API integration. This means that selecting an IP phone system that can work with your desktop software is very important, so make sure to do your research! 

As you can see, IP phone integration with your desktop apps has a lot of benefits that can ultimately save you time and money.

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