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The Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2019

 The budget travel 2019 is all about cheap destinations that offer an outsized experience, for instance relaxing in Zanzibar or tasting the cuisine of Malaysia. I have met many travelers and had a long chat to understand the destination with a nostalgic draw. The idea is to highlight budget travel destinations but not necessarily have to be a cheap destination. The place which you can visit without pinching your pockets.

The destinations where you get budgeted flight tickets or good deals or offers on the accommodation. I would personally recommend you to check out the exciting offers on the United Airlines Reservations online portal. It offers special flight deals, vacation packages, MileagePlus, and many other perks.

So, without further ado, here is the list of best budget travel destinations for 2019 – recommended by my travel experts or travel buddies.


  • Puebla, Mexico


Puebla is on the top of the list 2019 with excellent eats and fabulous architecture. The town is a UNESCO heritage site and architecture admirers could spend days exploring the historical and gaping at what seems like an endless amount of churches. Ravishing boutiques and restored buildings add to the modern melding of worlds.

You can take the souvenir the Talavera from Puebla – it is a type of ceramic that has been produced for about four centuries. The gastronomy of Puebla is one of the most exquisite offering the most traditional dishes like Mole Poblano and Chiles en Nogada.

The Cathedral Of Puebla is considered as one of the most attractive and beautiful Cathedrals in the world – this tallest tower of the continent safeguards an important art collection including sculptures, music composition, and paintings.


  • Hawai, the USA


You would be happy to know that the flights to Hawaii from the mainland are generally pretty cheap. All Hawaiian beaches are public – soak up the sun and get yourself tanned. It is considered rude to refuse to wear a Lei flower if someone offers it to you – What is Lei Flower? – It is often used in celebrations and there are certain rules attached to it.

The interesting fact of Hawaii, No building on Kauai can be taller than a palm tree by law. If you are visiting Hawaii, do not forget to relish every bite of these traditional Hawaain dishes – Poi, Laulau, Kalua Pig, Poke, Lomi Salmon, Chicken Long Rice, Fruit (Like Pineapple and Lilikoi), and many more delicious dishes. I would recommend Maui – among the best places in the world and a small visit to the Island of Lanai.

If you are a golf lover then would recommend the Four Seasons at Lanai. Also, check out the flight and hotel prices on the best online flight reservation portals such as United Airlines Reservations and many others.

  • St. Helena

A remote island located in the South Atlantic Ocean is an off-the-beaten-path but it is worth every penny spent on the trip. Go for St. Helena this year, it will blow your mind. There is a trek to get there in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean and is a relatively cheap destination to visit. You will be amazed to see the airport of St. Helena, they have basically shaved down a mountain to build the airport structure. St. Helena possesses unique rich diversity which has been the tourists’ attraction. St. Helena has many things to offer – from visiting the Georgian town to the rugged coastline. St. Helena is home to the most vivid heritage and nature, breathtaking views from the highest peaks. This heaven may not be on your shortlist it should be definitely on your buck list.

  • The Balkan Peninsula

We all think Europe is costly but I would like to disagree with this. Planning to travel to Europe on a budget, you should definitely explore the Balkan Peninsula. Croatia being the most popular Balkan country can be expensive, so would rather start your trip around the Balkan Peninsula in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. You can cross the border by bus and travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can experience the boat tour to Perast, Porto Montenegro. The Balkan Peninsula will offer you multicultural towns, impressive monasteries, and amazing mountains sprinkled with a liberal dose of beautiful forests. Enjoy the soothing traditional folk music and wrap up your trip with kayaking and paddle boarding on the nearby beach.

  • Agra, India

Agra is home to one of the most famous destinations in the world and certainly is a cheap destination for 2019.  Agra is a nest to the famous Taj Mahal – it was built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his wife and is an epitome of love. The town is considered as the seat of Mughal rulers for ages. TajMahal is a poem in white marble and is considered as one of the wonders of the world. You can visit Delhi to Agra to Jaipur, making the famous Golden Triangle Tour of India at a very reasonable price.

  • Budapest, Hungary

The red-bricked city offers culture, amazing parks, and greenery – a perfect destination to visit with your family. It is the capital of Hungary and is an inexpensive city compared to Prague or Vienna. You can enjoy a buzzing nightlife in Budapest and many other fun elements to make your trip memorable. I would suggest eating like a local in Budapest by ordering these classic Hungarian dishes – Langos, Kurtoskalacs, ToltottKaposzta (Stuffed Cabbage), Gulyas (Goulash – Hungary’s national dish), DobosTorta (Drummer Cake), Kolbasz (Sausage), and Cold fruit soup.

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