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We live in a technologically advanced world. Testing of various electrical and electronic items is becoming more and more popular. Because it can be simple, cheap and highly customizable. If you are looking for the best multimeter under 100, please contact us. I! 

If you are not an electrician, an automotive digital multimeter is the best choice. Just swipe the button to get the value you like. Technically speaking, working without a multimeter is like working blindly.

Over time, multimeters are updating technology. The best multimeter for electricians is normal, but finding the right one is a real effort. Each case has its own requirements.

What is the price of a digital multimeter?

If you want to buy a digital multimeter, you must have a budget. The budget depends on your purpose and scope of work.

Suppose you have an electrician, and then you need a high variable multimeter. Electronics But if you are an electronic engineer or technician, you must choose accuracy with different functions. Regardless of the nature of your job, a budget of $100 is sufficient.

Is a low-budget digital multimeter enough?

When it comes to low budgets, you need to know what is cheap and what is expensive. You get less power on a low-budget multimeter. But the safety function and structure will be the same.

It requires some research and you can get the best digital multimeter. To make your problem easier, I have compiled a list of the best 5-digit multimeters less than 100. Let’s see!

How to choose the best multimeter under a limited budget?

The electric field is very wide and deep. It starts from millivolts and gradually increases to high voltages. The question now is how to choose a multimeter with a cheap budget without any experience. 

Always try to obtain the highest specifications and range of products. Automatic/manual variable multimeters are considered to be less than 100 automotive multimeters.

Every electrician knows the best multimeter. Speaking of the best budget flock multimeter, the lowest budget flock multimeter starts at 53,53, and the flock 101 digital multimeter is not included in the top 5 budget multimeters due to limited functions.

With these needs in mind, we have compiled a list of the best 5-digit multimeters in 2021, of which less than 100.

Proster VC99-Automatic Variable Multimeter

Finding the right multimeter for your budget is not easy. But a little research can definitely help you find a good one. Usually, the best multimeters within 100 are not satisfied and will be unlocked within one year. Taking into account the needs of users, Proster released the latest model VC99.

main feature

Lighting the screen in the dark can save you a lot of trouble. Test points always need to be extra careful, so this back screen allows people to work more efficiently.

Almost every electronic circuit has transistors. The transistor control port on most multimeters is somewhat unusual.

If the battery is low or exhausted, the low battery indicator starts to flash. 

The built-in temperature sensor gives the correct temperature.

Most digital multimeters in this alliance display 7 levels, but do not have an LCD.

The true RMS value is very important in this multimeter, and it provides us with an accurate estimate.


Usually, when we try to find the best multimeter below 100, we don’t see many companies offering high prices. The most attractive is the body and color of the multimeter. Believe me, maintaining a multimeter is not always easy. With the help of a rare clip, you can easily connect a multimeter. Design is full of your nature.


The first thing that distinguishes it from other digital multimeters is the US counter-shock force. It also comes with a rubber bag with packaging. It is best not to bring protective plastic bags for multimeters below 100. Ultrasound is human nature, so in order to prevent further damage, Pro Pro is equipped with a 10MP internal fuse. Like many automatic conversion digital multimeters, many types have processor-based control security. If you put the cables in the wrong place, they will start ringing

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