The classes in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a favourite for many players when it comes to the Hack & Slay genre. Today we look at all the playable classes. There are seven of them. Strictly speaking, the term “class” is misleading, as there are seven playable characters that you can’t really customize optically. Gender cannot be adjusted either. At first, the characters hardly differ from each other. However, as the game progresses, the differences become bigger and bigger.


Roles: Melee, tank

Tasks: Cause damage, protect group

Main attributes and highlights: Strength and skill – causes bleeding damage, high chance to block with two one-handed weapons, as a tank, often seen in groups.

Anyone looking for a close combat fighter who can handle both a two-handed weapon, two one-handed weapons, or a one-handed weapon in combination with a shield has made the right decision by choosing the duelist.

If the duelist wears a shield, he acts as a tank and protects his group members from attacks by opponents. With two one-handed weapons, he inflicts deep wounds on his opponents that continuously damage them. He becomes a butcher with a two-handed weapon, with which he stuns his opponents and deprives them of their life points.


Roles: Ranged Fighter

Tasks: Damage

Main Attributes and Highlights: Intelligence – casts spells and curses, summons servants and undead, and lets them fight for you.

The witch in Path of Exile takes on the role of the sorceress. She uses the elements to weaken her opponents and cast curses on them. Her golems and undead servants ensure the necessary distance between her and her opponents.


Roles: Tank

Duties: Deal damage, protect group

Main attributes and highlights: Strength – Immunities against hypothermia and stun, use totem for reinforcement.

The Marauder is a defensive character who is immune to hypothermia and stun effects. His totems weaken nearby enemies, while the Marauder benefits from their buff. The fast fighting style makes him extremely dangerous in close combat.


Roles: close combat, long-range combat

Tasks: cause damage

Main attributes and highlights: Skill and intelligence – hybrid class, fights with mines and traps, high critical hit chance, as a magician with high dodging chance and casting speed.

The Shadow is a hybrid class that deals damage in both melee and ranged combat. As a swindler, he significantly increases his life and mana regeneration rate and fights his opponents with powerful spells. Specializing in the saboteur, the Shadow fights its opponents with traps and mines and also blinds them.

As an assassin, his critical strike chance increases significantly, and he takes on the role of a strong melee who slaughters his enemies with speed and high damage caused.


Roles: Melee, ranged, tank

Tasks: Cause damage, protect group, strengthen allies

Main attributes and highlights: High mana points with low mana costs, auras, high attack and casting speed, hybrid class, uses totems for reinforcement.

As a Templar, you are a true hybrid, as you can take on all roles that exist in the game. With the specialization as an inquisitor c, the Templar has a high attack and casting speed. In addition, its allies do more damage. currency As a paladin, the Templar receives auras from which the entire group benefits.

With this specialization, he can wear shields that protect allies from enemy attacks. He becomes a magician with the specialization of the hierophant. So he massively increases his mana points and at the same time lowers the mana costs so that he can set up masses of totems that support him and his group in battle.


Roles: Long-range fighter

Tasks: Causing damage

Main attributes and highlights: Skill – high self-healing, very good chance of evasion, good mix of defensive and offensive performance.

The Ranger is a classic archer who also has skills that she can use in close combat. The main focus is on ranged combat. Thanks to her enormous accuracy, many opponents do not cause the Ranger any problems.

The style of play is aloof, so most enemies barely land a punch before dying. Combined with the high chance of evasion and the strong self-healing powers, if the Ranger specializes in being a scout, she can also shine on the defensive.

Aristocratic daughter

Roles: All existing

Tasks: All existing

Main attributes and highlights: Only available later, balanced base values, equally strong in all areas, hybrid class, extensive ascendency skills.

The aristocratic daughter occupies a special position in the list of characters. Not only because you only unlock it shortly before the boss of the third act. But also because its base values ​​are completely balanced, and it only has one specialization instead of three. She is also the only one to start right in the middle of the talent tree and take on any role and task.

Furthermore, the skills and attributes of all classes can be enhanced using gems. There are various ways you can get gems, either by grinding the game and getting them from quest and random drops from monsters and chests, etc. or by buying them from vendors. For players who don’t want to grind can buy Poe currency through microtransactions etc., and it is available on all platforms, not just pc. If you are a console player, don’t worry; you can get poe currency xbox, ps4 from various sites.

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