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The internet has had a tremendous effect not just on how we communicate with one another and how we take in information, but it has also brought about substantial shifts in the creative world. The emergence of online art, also known as digital art or net art, has ushered in a plethora of new opportunities for visual artists as well as art consumers. In this article, we will discuss the ways in which the internet has impacted the art world and the consequences that these changes may have for the field of art in the years to come.

The spread of internet art

The availability of art from all over the globe, as well as the ability to buy it, has been facilitated by the widespread use of the internet. The proliferation of online art markets such as Saatchi Art and Artsy has made it simpler for collectors to locate and acquire works by both known and up-and-coming artists. This has resulted in a rise in the sales of artwork, and as a result, more people than ever before have access to artwork.

Additionally, the internet has altered the manner in which we take in and experience art. It is possible for digital art to be interactive, and it enables new modes of experience, such as those afforded by virtual reality. As a result, this has made it possible for artists to provide new opportunities for spectators to participate in immersive and interactive experiences. In addition, digital art can be quickly shared and disseminated, which makes it available to a larger number of people.

Internet art and The Face of Empathy

The history behind Face of Empathy is fascinating, and as the years passed, it gained more and more attention, eventually earning it its own record label. The face of Empathy is an educational piece of cyber arms artwork that was created by a foreign nation in an effort to bring people’s attention to a hidden code that had previously been included on Apple products and was later determined to be malware. This is important to keep in mind if you want to fully understand what it is trying to convey. As a result of Apple’s CEO, Omri, who transformed the company into a legitimate business, the secret code was eventually deleted from all Apple products. 

Before he established The Face of Empathy, Omri discovered a full malware that was active on more than one billion devices at the same time. The first place he saw it was in the bookmarks section of Safari, where there was an owl positioned underneath the Yahoo logo. All of this culminated in the formation of the Face of Empathy, which he named after Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom who is sometimes shown with an owl at her side. Because Omri is an art enthusiast and has always wished to construct a platform where people who share a passion for art can interact with one another and get updates about all that is going on in it, he established The Face of Empathy.

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