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Chatbots are one of the latest trends that is going in the web development. Since the annual F8 conference for bot developers in 2016 by Facebook, there is a lot of excitement and speculation around chatbots. Even the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has mentioned that chatbots will “fundamentally revolutionize how computing is experienced”, change the way as content and services are developed and used on the web. As a good salesmen s required to increase the sale of a product, similarly after sale service aka customer support is as important as that. People seek quick and accurate solutions for their problem. As a business owner having a bot in your website can server your customer very well.


So what chatbots are?

Chatbots are the computer programs powered by AI, machine learning and NLP (Natural language Processing) that can interact with the visitor to get thing done and provide information they are looking for.

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What’s the need of Chatbot in website?

A site is created, and you are excited that your business is serving customers 24X7, yet at the same time, you discover that some of your customer is not happy with your service, what would be the reason?

A site will give your business 24X7 visibility. It doesn’t mean your customer are getting the genuine administration, right? Once more, I’m going to state similar words, the customer support service, how effective would they say they are? And how accurately they are solving customers query? Chatbots can be a perfect answer for this.


Benefits of implementing Chatbots in websites:


  • Lower down the operational costs- According to survey, every year around 265 billion customer support requests are generated, and it cost around $1.3 trillion to resolve them. This can be lower down easily with the help of AI powered Chatbots.


Chatbots will not replace the human intervene completely but it will lower the request that generated repeatedly, that will lower the work of human experts and they will server customer more accurately.


  • Improves Sales- Chatbots gather customer data like names, business, and site to make customer profiles. Along these lines, the chatbot is utilized for the two deals and advertising purposes. They continue existing customers connected with intrigued brands and items with pop-up messages. Chatbots act like a scaffold among brands and customers by giving every minute of every day association. They impart like a person, however decrease human mistake and don’t get baffled, like people frequently do. Chatbots can perform routine undertakings just to improve customer administration.



  1. Meet customer expectations and boost brands- Chatbots are very much intended to drive brand value to a wide scope of prospects. Customer expect straightforward business associations. This requires convenient responses to client objections or questions. Chatbots actively interact with the customers and give quick responses to them. Because of this Chatbots has higher rates compared to email.


Bots sends visual content like images, banners and gives information about discount offers, sales or other product information to keep the customer engaged.



  • Chatbots help Employees- Not only customers, chatbots helps employees also. Chatbots help reducing the workload of customer support service and make great collaboration with productive tools like tracking tasks, scheduling appointments, answering common questions, maintaining internal wikis and more.

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