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Green Exercise Craze

Exercise is one of the top activities millennials do every day. It’s an essential part of people’s lives nowadays, but because of the pandemic, it has become quite challenging to do it as often as possible. But people are becoming more creative, especially when getting the exercise they need every day. Some people even have found ways to do it during their vacation.

The phenomenon known as green exercise has reached record-highs during the pandemic. The best part about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere. You don’t need a gym for it to work or expensive gym equipment. All you need is yourself and nature.

Green Exercise

Green exercise is one of the simpler forms of exercise out there. It’s technically a combination of low to moderate-intensity activities in the presence of nature. Although it’s simple, you shouldn’t mistake the benefits it can bring your body and mind.

Walking, which is considered the simplest exercise out there, can burn 100 calories per hour. That’s already a great benefit for some. But when done in the presence of nature, you are also enriching both body and mind.

Exercises done in the presence of nature have been known to treat depression, alleviate stress and tension, and make a person a lot calmer. People who have done such activities become changed people after it. It’s such a beneficial form of exercise that doesn’t require you to pay money because nature is all around us. All you have to do is bring yourself.

So what are the most common green exercise activities out there?

Green Exercise Activities


As stated earlier, walking is a common low-intensity activity that can burn a decent amount of calories. When done in a park or a nature trail, you’re already doing a form of green exercise.

This is the most common green exercise out there, and it should be where you start. You can do it in a nearby park, or if you’re already living in the countryside, you can do it in your neighborhood. You’ll immediately notice the change of mood the moment you’ve done it for a couple of minutes.


Hiking is a moderate to high-intensity activity that many people do to lose weight extensively. It’s also considered the best green exercise. The calories you’ll burn and the view you’ll see when you’re on top of the mountain. It’s certainly a rewarding exercise physically and mentally.

If you want to burn all those fats away, then consider going hiking in the nearest trail you can find in your state. You can also consider hiking Mount Whitney. It’s a common mountain to climb but does require some experience. Remember that the more challenging the hike, the more calories you burn. It can indeed be tiring, but once you get on its peak, the view is well worth the exercise you’ve done.


Fishing is known to be low to moderate physical activity. Because of this, many experts believe it can count as an exercise, given that you do it for at least an hour. For some people, fishing can be tedious, but for many, it’s a great way to reconnect to the more serene aspect of nature.

You can relax and meditate while fishing, especially when you do it early in the morning. You can fish technically in any water body, but nothing ever comes close to the fishing trip packages offered today. These fishing packages ensure that you can get the best out of your trip. You’ll encounter all sorts of marine animals while out fishing and even get yourself a fatty salmon while you’re at it.

Fishing is a form of green exercise that keeps on giving. Just don’t lose all the calories you’ve burned from eating all the fish you’ve just caught.


The last on this list is gardening. Gardening has been labeled as a low to moderate form of exercise, and much like walking, it’s one of the most accessible forms of green exercise on this list. You can technically do this exercise in your backyard. The best part of doing this exercise is that you’re making your home look a lot better in progress.

There are a lot of intricacies in gardening, and unlike walking, you’ll have to learn those intricacies along the way. But you should give it a try this year because it’s one of the safest green exercises out there.


Green exercise is such a great activity to do if you’re feeling stressed out or depressed because you’ve been staying at home for some time. Consider doing this exercise today.

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