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Finding affordable housing is a major concern for all students. A wide range of housing options are available for students from where they can choose. For students, many factors need to be considered when deciding which type of property to opt for. These include affordability, distance from the university, access to amenities, etc. Finding a right student accommodation requires one to do a lot of research and can be a daunting task. This article gives you a brief about living in Urbana champaign and the different types of housing options available for students near the Urbana Champaign.

Life in Urbana Champaign

The city of Urbana Champaign has many beautiful neighbourhoods and educational landmarks for students to explore. The Champaign Library houses have an enormous and diverse collection of books and are a popular attraction among students. The Krannert Art Museum, a part of the University of Illinois also provides a fascinating experience for art enthusiasts and tourists. 

Downtown Champaign is home to many restaurants covering nearly every cuisine one could ask for. Bacaro’s seasonal menus and the Aroma Cafe are local favourites. Students can access bus service which is covered in their tution in Urbana Champaign. The Amtrak rail line has several stops in downtown Champaign and is convenient for students looking to explore the city Please remove this line as its factually incorrect!

Living outside dorms provides students with better access to these exciting attractions. One can better understand the local culture and life in Urbana Champaign by selecting a property close to these neighbourhoods.

Housing options for students

On-campus housing

Many universities provide housing options for their students located on or near the campus, including dorms and apartments. These properties are only available for students enrolled in the university. Students may also be required to possess a monthly income equal to three times the monthly rent amount. A guarantor or cosigner can enter the agreement on a student’s behalf if they cannot meet this requirement.

  1. Student dorms: Undergraduate students have access to student dorms, where each student shares a room with a roommate/roommates. Bathrooms are usually shared among the residents of each floor. Dorms are one of the cheapest student housing options in Urbana.
  2. Apartments: The university’s second type of student housing in Urbana is apartments usually shared among two or more residents. Residents can choose to occupy a room of their own in an apartment with two or more bedrooms, with a standard living and kitchen area.

Opting for on-campus housing has several advantages. Firstly, students living in university-provided housing on or near the campus barely spend any time and money commuting. The university campus has all the amenities that a student could ask for. Most importantly, utilities and services are provided in on-campus student housing. Monthly rent rates vary between cities for on-campus housing. Opting for on-campus student housing in Urbana also allows you to interact better with the student community and campus activities.

Off-campus housing

Choosing to stay in the city of Urbana is a great way to explore the local culture.  But by opting for private property outside the campus, you can also get a better sense of privacy and don’t need to live by university rules.

The following options are available for student housing in Urbana Champaign outside the university campus: 

  1. Suites: Residents stay with one or more roommates, each room having its bathroom. Some suites may even come with a private living and kitchen area.
  2. Apartments: Many students opt to rent an apartment with two or more bedrooms and a living and kitchen area. Since the monthly rent and utility expenses are shared between the residents, this is a relatively affordable option. Residents can also choose to share a room with another person to help cut costs further.
  3. Living communities: also known as fraternity or sorority houses, living communities involve a group of people with shared interests or cultures residing together on a property. Living communities may be formed based on common nationality, language, or academic interests. The monthly rent is quite affordable in fraternity houses since expenses are shared among all the members.
  4. Home-stays: students can choose to stay in a house occupied by another family. This is an affordable option and allows you to get more exposure to the local culture. Meals may also be provided by the family and other utilities like electricity and Wi-Fi.

Checklist for Urbana Champaign student housing

The following points are important for students looking to get the right kind of housing in Urbana:

  • Note the advantages and disadvantages of each type of housing: living off-campus provides you with a better opportunity to become part of the local culture. However, the cost of rent in major cities like Urbana can be pretty high. One must also choose a property that is not located too far away from campus while also being affordable and located in a safe neighbourhood. On the other hand, on-campus housing provides you with closer interaction with campus life. Identify the type of housing that suits you best.
  • Look out for utilities and services provided: properties outside campus may not always include utilities like gas, Wi-Fi, and telephone connection. Take note of the various amenities covered in the rental agreement. Choosing an apartment with a laundry facility, furnishing, and kitchen appliances can save you a lot of money.
  • Taking the help of a student accommodation provider: By checking out options available with student accommodation providers like RentOspace, you can save time and energy. It  offers you enough property options in your budget at your desired location.


Finding student housing that meets all your requirements in terms of affordability, safety, and access to services can be a challenging task. By following these pointers and exploring the various types of housing available, you can find student housing in Urbana Champaign that fits within your budget. 

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