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Getting engaged can be an extremely exciting yet daunting experience. You have to think of where you will propose, how you will propose and what their reaction will be. Should it be at the restaurant where you had your first date together or somewhere more private and intimate? But before you can answer these questions, you first need the engagement ring. Choosing an engagement ring can be difficult, so why should you consider bespoke engagement rings? To answer this question, here are the main benefits of choosing a bespoke engagement ring for your partner.

A Stress-Free Option

Designing your own engagement ring may sound stressful, but in fact it’s actually a more stress-free option. Spending time visiting numerous jewellers can result in a lengthy search for the perfect engagement ring, but why waste time searching when you can just create it yourself? Finding a jeweller that will closely guide you through the creation process means that you are creating the ideal engagement ring you’ve been looking for, without the stressful and long search.

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Ensuring Its Quality

Because you are designing and choosing each component of the engagement ring, you know exactly what is being used. Buying engagement rings from various jewellers can be daunting due to having to do research to ensure it is of high-quality. When designing your own engagement ring, you have the final say on what materials are used such as the metals, patterns, ring designs, the type and cut of the diamond and so much more.

The Ultimate Romantic Gesture

Proposing with a beautiful diamond engagement ring is great, but proposing with a custom-made diamond engagement ring that is completely unique is better. This is the perfect time to show your partner how well you truly know them. Find out important information such as what type of ring designs, colours and styles they are into, so you can create an engagement ring that is exactly what they would want as the ultimate romantic gesture.

It Can Be Cost-Effective

 Diamond engagement rings aren’t cheap, but they can be affordable if you know where to look. Instead of having a set budget and only looking at engagement rings that are in your price range, a bespoke engagement ring can actually be more cost-effective. When working with the jeweller, they can ensure that the final engagement ring doesn’t go over budget. It allows for flexibility during the creation stage such as scaling down on the colour or clarity of the diamond if your budget starts getting too tight. Having a bespoke engagement ring designed and created at a jeweller that sells wholesale diamonds is also going to save you an incredible amount of money straight away.

Your partner is truly one of a kind, and so should be the engagement ring. Consider the option of bespoke engagement rings and sweep your loved one off their feet with an amazing diamond engagement ring that was created just for them, by you.

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