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O-ring seals are very important when wanting to seal immense amounts of pressure in your pipework system. Firstly, what is an O-ring seal? It is a mechanical gasket which is in an ‘O’ or ‘doughnut’ shaped ring. They are designed as a sealing device to block pathways where any air can escape by being constricted between parts or fitted into a circular incision. The muscle memory of an O-ring seal is designed so the seal will try to mould back into its original shape, making it ideal for air-tight sealing when pressure is applied. But what other benefits can it provide?


A Much Longer Lasting Seal


An O-ring seal made from FKM material, which is a fluoro rubber that is a fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber, is ideal for an extremely durable and longer lasting seal. This fluoroelastomer material is being used much more throughout the industry due to its reduced need for long-term maintenance, increased durability in severe environments and the ability to withstand higher amounts of temperatures. Be sure to look for a pipework system manufacturer that can supply FKM O-ring seals to ensure you are using a superior O-ring seal.


Their Incredible Durability


O-ring seals are ideal when you need a seal that can withstand an incredible amount of pressure. Some pipework systems and machinery have hydraulic cylinders which move at a rapid rate, making O-rings perfect for handling the amount of intense and rapid moving pressure. This is why O-ring seals are heavily used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Due to their extreme durability, O-ring seals can be reused depending on the type of application.


They Are Cost-Effective


O-ring seals are also very affordable due to the inexpensive method of their production and can be easily replaced. They are very light in weight, can be reused multiple times depending on the application and they don’t require any specific primers or tools when installing them.


There are also many other benefits and advantages to O-ring seals including, but not limited to:


  • An O-ring seal has a cross-section design, which allows it to seal in any direction.
  • The decline and failure of an O-ring seal is gradual and easily identifiable.
  • O-ring seals can be applied to a wide range of varying temperatures, tolerances and pressures.
  • Very unlikely to cause any structural damage due to no critical tightening or torque.
  • O-ring seals are usually made from materials that contain numerous compounds that are resistant to most environmental applications and aggressive chemicals.
  • They are easy to use and don’t involve any re-tightening or smearing.


When searching for mechanical gaskets and O-ring seals, be sure to search for a pipework systems manufacturer that features a large capacity warehouse with their own automated laser welding systems, in-house tooling and rapid production facilities. This will ensure that not only will their pipework systems and components be superior and of high-quality, but that there will be a quick turn-around; when you need it most. Search online for O-ring seals and find a manufacturer that will meet your needs today.

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