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For many customers, coupons and promo codes are now essential to their shopping experience. These tiny pieces of paper, or digital codes, provide a thrill because they can be redeemed for big discounts on our preferred goods. Promo codes can have a significant impact on customer acquisition and loyalty. For example, a coupon code in an email blast sent to new users can encourage on-the-fence customers to make their first purchase. Coupons create urgency and scarcity, tapping into psychological principles like loss aversion that motivate people to avoid losing a great deal.

Look for Deals in Your Favorite Stores

Whether you’re looking for a pair of platform heels or new runners, start your search by checking the sale sections of your favorite shoe stores. Many retailers will highlight sales on their homepages or in banner ads, and some have apps that make it easier to find deals on specific styles. You can also use a Journeys promo code or download free discount apps to compare available offers from different retailers simultaneously.

If you see a code you want to use, copy it before heading to the checkout page. Some stores will display the discount in the shopping cart and automatically apply it to your order, while others will require you to enter the code during the checkout process. When entering a coupon, it’s important to read the fine print because some codes have exceptions or restrictions that may prevent you from redeeming them. Some shoe brands will even offer discounts for certain styles they know are popular with their customers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Discount

If you love a specific pair of shoes, be brave and ask the store for a discount. While it may seem awkward, most store employees will gladly help you snag a deal on your favorite sneakers. However, being kind and respectful when asking for a discount is important. It is also helpful to come prepared with information about competitor prices and to be clear about the type of discount you are looking for. It is also a good idea to offer to pay in cash, as this often results in better discounts than a card transaction. Finally, remember to be patient; building a rapport with some sales associates can take time. For example, if you shop for sneakers at a specialty athletic shoe store, consider mentioning that you are a running club member or have been coming to the shop for years and know them by name. It shows that you are a loyal customer and could lead to a bigger discount.

Asking for a discount can be intimidating, especially at high-end stores where it is not typically encouraged. However, it can be a great way to practice your negotiation skills before you attempt to negotiate a higher salary or rent. And it is always better to save money on your favorite shoes than to spend more than you can afford!

Look for Discounts in the Clearance Section

The clearance section is a great place to find shoes that have been marked down from their original retail price. It is a great option if you’re looking for a specific style of shoe that you may have yet to find at full price or if you’re looking for a particular brand that is typically less expensive than others. The best way to score discounts in the clearance section is to sign up for a store’s loyalty program and receive special offers throughout the year. These offers can include exclusive coupons and discounts available to loyalty program members. Some stores even offer Sidewalk Savings and Clearance events where members can get extra discounts on clearance items!

Many tips for finding discount shoes in regular sales also work in clearance sales. Check out the return and exchange policy, look for free shipping codes or other promotions, and use your store loyalty rewards points to save money.

Shoppers should also check the expiration dates of discount codes, as they can only be used for a limited time. It’s also a good idea to read a coupon’s fine print to ensure that it applies to the type of item you buy, as some coupons have exclusions such as “sale” or “certain brands.” In addition, certain discounts require a minimum purchase amount to be valid.

Check the Date of the Sale

The best time to buy shoes is when they’re on sale. Stores regularly discount their shoe and apparel inventory, especially when they’re getting ready to roll out new styles. You can often find sneakers and hoodies for 40% off or more during this time. However, just because an item is on final sale doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the lowest price you can get. Before purchasing, check online coupon sites or cash-back apps for discounts. Ask the seller for the model number and cross-reference it with other shoe listings online. Some retailers have loyalty programs that can save you even more.

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