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Traveling is a passion, love, and fun. People love to travel for many reasons.  The world is full of spots that can give you a pleasurable and uplifting time. But if you want to try out a new place then you should go for Prayagraj. You might have heard about this popular place, have you?

Talking about Prayagraj, it is a place that is in Sangam or better known as the Confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna, and legendary Saraswati rivers. The place is considered by people to be the second most ancient city in India. This is the spot that plays a central and important role in Hindu scriptures. In case you think that there would not be any places to visit in Prayagraj then you need to shun that thought.


This is an auspicious space (Sangam stands for ‘river confluence’) wherein two of the holiest rivers in the country the Ganges and the Yamuna shakes hand with one of Hinduism’s mythological rivers, the Saraswati.  It is not a seasonal thing but it happens throughout the year. You can find a vibrant and mystical ambience at this spot. You might end up praising the way these waters blends and create divine personae.

Allahabad Fort

If you have always been fascinated by the creations and architecture of the past then Allahabad Fort has to be on your go-to list once you are in this city. It has been there in the city since 1583. It is looking after the area from the splendid banks of Yamuna River adjoining its union with the sacred River Ganga. It is a popular and prestigious monument and the great Mughal emperor built it and got the monument named Allahabad Fort.

‘The Archaeological Survey of India’ also has recognized this splendid fort and it is today recognized as a testimonial of national significance.  You can count on it as one of the finest spots to see in the city. The fort would give you the glimpse of the past architecture and touch. You would definitely feel historically rich. The spot looks phenomenal in the backdrop too if you take up pictures.

Hanuman Temple

Reserving the spot in the prime and most prominent attractions for religious passionate and enthusiastic souls is known as Hanuman Mandir. It is well-known for the preserved idol of the Lord Hanuman. Right from the time of those ‘Vedic ages’, it has been considered that once the main river of India named River Ganga ascended the area and certainly the Holy temple got immersed and came to take the blessings of the divinely and powerful Lord Hanuman by reaching out and touching the divine feet. It is not just what is believed but what is even followed. Whoever visits this spiritual spot gets impressed by its charisma.

Patalpuri Temple

In case you are a spiritual soul and you love to visit the religious spots then this spot has to be on your go-to list.  It is kind of a subterranean shrine situated in the realm of Allahabad Fort. It was initially discovered by the Chinese traveler who was known as Huan Tsung.  People have their belief that Lord Rama paid a visit to this temple, and thus, the temple has magnificent significance in the hearts of devotees. Perhaps, it is the main thing that makes this place a must-visit fascinating spot in Allahabad. Certainly, if you love spirituality and creativity both then this has to be your go-to a place once in the area.

Ashoka Pillar

These pillars of 10.7 meter in height are erect and stand in a genteel and beautiful manner in Old Fort of Allahabad. Showcasing the vivid elaborate engravings of Ashoka, Samudragupta, and even that of Jahangir, this pillar is a sixteenth-century popular and old column. It enjoys a spot among the most cherished and visited allures in the city. You would not just get to experience the blend of creativity of the past but also the refreshing essence of these pillars.


Mankameshwar Temple

Mankameshwar simply means the God that grants and listens to all the demands. Most of the times addressed as the renowned and important holy spot in Allahabad, this splendid temple is snuggled in Allahabad’scantonment region. It is splendidly stretched on the corner of the river named the Yamuna.  When there are Sawan months, the days Mondays are believed to be as affluent and the believers pour the divine water on Lord Shiva. You can find a huge, especially great merriment during these months.

Shankar Viman Mandapam

It is a cherished temple that is one hundred thirty feet high and consists of four magnificent floors. This complete temple was built in the charming South-Indian Style of architecture. This temple encompasses idols of Kamakshi Devi, JagadguruAdiShankaracharya, Kumaril Bhatt, YogashastraSahastrayogaLinga and even that of Tirupati Balaji. You would have rich and ravishing experience at this temple. At this spot, you would definitely experience the artistic vibe, a good footfall, and spiritual aura.

Minto Park

Getting the recognition from the politician and educationalist, Madan Mohan Malviya, this Park is stretched on the River Yamuna banks. This park is widely acknowledged as ‘Earl of Minto’. You can also read Queen Victoria’s Proclamation, which was done in 1858 at this place. A single trip within this must-visit destination can take you near the superb white marble column. The column is of four stones lions, it is a spectacular attraction developed tastefully. You would definitely encounter something vivid and attractive in this park.

Ganga Gallery

This is an amazing and ideal and cherished tourist spot since its beginning. It is there to create awareness on the maintenance of the holy river Ganga. It is the gallery that beautifully showcases the various types of pictures of methods of restoration practiced to preserve the river. It is even underlined and highlights the scientific, socio-economic and that of spiritual and cultural factors related to the river.


Thus, since you just have taken a quick peep into a few of the many spots to visit in Prayagraj, you must visit this space for enhancing your traveling experience and enjoying some wonderful spots.

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