The Trendy Aghori-Printed T-Shirts by Feranoid To Wear This Year

Are you also influenced by multiple fashion trends running over the internet?

WE ALL ARE! Many new trends are hitting the internet daily. Most of them disappear in a month or two, and some of them last for a very long time. One such trend lasting for more than a year is for the Aghori Printed/ Mahadev T-Shirts.

This has inspired millions of people, and they all are now searching for the best option in the category., the clothing option for millennials, has covered the trend and provides some of the best Aghori Printed and Mahadev T-Shirts to their customers.

But before scrolling down these options, let’s dig into the details for this print and explore where it started from.

Aghori: Who are they?

Aghori is derived from a Sanskrit term-Aghora. This refers to fearless or not fearful. Aghori, therefore, refers to the small group of Shiva ascetic sadhus. These groups are primarily based in Uttar Pradesh, India. They are often found smearing cremations ashes into their bodies, dwell in charnel grounds, use corpsed bodies bones to craft jewelry or kapalas from them.  

Many of these Aghori groups revere rural populations with excellent command as they are meant to have magical healing powers. 

Furthermore, this group is known for their Shiva’s selfless devotions and fearless natures. Therefore, they do not have relevance from the materialistic world and only are seen chanting a single mantra- Mahakaal.

Mahadev T-Shirts to bring out the other-worldly side of yours?

Aghori dedicates their whole life to serve lord Shiva with utmost faith and all the rituals. They are ideal worshippers and have an aura no one else can hold. In the deity of Lord Shiva and sacred belief, the design only relates to Bholenath’s theist.

Aghori printed or Mahadev t-shirts thus are the ideal options to showcase your devotion to Lord Shiva. Aghori are synced with various myths and perceptions, but these groups’ only quality that has inspired millennials is their fearlessness and Lord Shiva’s selfless worship. With this particular category, you can justify your worship of the deity.

How Did Aghori-Printed T-Shirt Trend Start?

People nowadays lookout for outfits that fit well with their personalities. This helps them express themselves efficiently yet differently.

Aghori Printed T-Shirts thus reflect the bold and fearless personalities. Shiva devotees or worshippers are constantly looking out for similar options. These help them gain the confidence to express their individuality in a better way.

This is where the trend got hype from, and the remaining spark is added during Mahashivratri. This is a Hindu festival celebrated in honor of the god of destruction, Lord Shiva. To express their love and devotion for this day is where the trend got hype from.

 Feranoid has all the trends covered for your feasibility. They have multiple different categories listed on their website, and one of them is especially for Mahadev T-Shirts.

Mahadev T-Shirt Options provided by

Feranoid has covered this category with some of the best designs, patterns, and colors for a true Mahadev Fan. The cherry on the cake is its price. Let’s dig into the details of some of its bestsellers!

  • Aghori T-Shirt: 

Its bold print complements the bold name of this pattern. Lord Shiva is holding a Trishul in his hand, the actual resemblance for fearlessness and confident personalities. This has been made in 100% cotton fabric, and can easily be worn for the whole day. The round neck, half sleeve pattern will surely be an eye-catcher for your individuality, highlighting your presence. There are multiple colors available for this option. Scroll down the website and get your hands over the best ones before the product runs out of stock!

  • NO 3G NO 4G T-Shirt: 

The slogan that readout on this masterpiece is- “No 3G No 4G Only ShivG. This is one of the bestsellers for the website and is constantly in high demand. There are various colors available for this round-neck lightweight t-shirt. This t-shirt will surely have a significant impact on the people around you.

Like all the other t-shirts, you can easily pair this category with your denim trousers. This casual wear is ideal for all the informal events, helping you stand out of the crowd every time. Mahadev t-shirts look good with trousers, pants, and jeans coupled with casual shoes. 


Aghori represents the absolute zenith of detachment from worldly goods and pleasures. Mahadev t-shirts are the hype in the men’s fashion industry. However, if you are still searching for the best prints and patterns, check out the collection at, as they have a specialized category for your needs.

Do not forget to compare the prices and quality as the website has the most affordable rates clubbed with premium qualities.

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