The Truth About DIY Ant Treatments

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Ants are not known to carry diseases. However, they do walk over an array of surfaces and can pick up bacteria on their feet and move them around. This means that, although they are relatively harmless, they are not something you want walking around your home and where you prepare food.

If you see an ant in your home then there are likely to be more. Ants are very good at detecting food and, as they walk toward it, they will leave a scent trail. This consists of pheromones that humans can’t smell, but other ants can. In other words, they will be leaving a trail to tell the other ants where to go!

Dealing with them may depend on the type of ant you appear to be attracting and the number involved. It’s worth you taking a moment to check out here and find a local expert. They can advise you regarding the best way to protect your home against ant invasion.

For any serious invasion, you should automatically call your local pest control company. The simple truth about DIY treatments is that even those that work, will take time to eradicate the issue. The experts have all the equipment they need to eliminate your ant problem straight away.

The good news is that some DIY ant treatments do work.

Diatomaceous Earth

This substance is very fine and comes from fossils. There is plenty of it in the earth, making it a natural option. Because it is effectively fossilized fragments, there are hundreds of sharp edges in every scoop. If you sprinkle this on the floor in the ant’s path, they will walk over it. Unfortunately, in the process, the diatomaceous earth will stick to the ants and cause tiny cuts in their exoskeletons.

The ants are injured and will struggle to stay hydrated. In effect, they will quickly die of dehydration. It’s harmless to children and pets.

Top Tip:

Once the ants have started dying you can eliminate the scent trail they have left by wiping the area with a little white vinegar in water. It’s surprisingly effective.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is commonly known as Borax and is a cleaning agent. It works in a very similar way to diatomaceous earth. But, it can also be ingested by the ants, effectively damaging their digestive system and preventing them from feeding.

Bait Traps

Bait traps are a common approach because they can be used to target the entire colony. The idea is to place a sweet and sticky substance on a plate near where you think the ant colony is. You can identify this by watching the path the ants take back and forth. Add a little poison to the bait and the ants will eat it and die.

But, because they live in a colony, they will also take the bait back to the colony, effectively killing lots of ants in one go.

Other traps simply stop the ants from moving.

Regardless of which method you choose to use, it’s advisable to get a professional to check that the entire colony has been destroyed. If you don’t the problem may simply start again!

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