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valentines day date ideas

We all day dream of that moment where we propose to the person we love and they reply in a big “YES!” We want the moment to be perfect, the best day of their life as well as of ours. Be it a marriage proposal or a proposal for a romantic relationship, it needs to be very special and beautiful. If you and your girlfriend work in the same office, the workspace would be a unique place for proposal. You can make it all the more memorable by speaking your heart out on Valentine’s Day.

What’s more? Go for online Valentines flower delivery and get the flowers on her desk. If she works somewhere else, try talking to her fellow employees and decorate her cubicle/cabin with balloons, fresh flowers and rose petals. She wouldn’t be expecting a sweet proposal in front of all the coworkers and boss, so you need to be extra careful while planning this all out. Here are certain things that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to propose her at the workplace:

  • Don’t Embarrass Her
    Before going about with the plan, make sure you don’t end up embarrassing her in front of her colleagues. Try making subtle hints by casually bringing up proposal ideas and observe her reaction. Moreover, ask her about her workspace environment so that you know how her colleagues are. It is also important to know her relationship with them and if popping up a proposal in front of the co-workers would be a good idea. If she hates her job or stays mad at most of her colleagues, you need to drop the plan. She would obviously not want to share her special day with people she dislikes.
  • Ensure She is Not on Leave
    It would be an epic bummer if you are all ready and on your way to propose to her at work only to realize she is on leave. If luck is not working in your favour, she would not turn up the day you have specifically chosen to make your move. So, do not forget to check on her working days before figuring things out. If you are planning to buy flowers, go for the online portals for flower delivery in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, etc. as they offer a huge variety.

In case you are planning to bring in your close friends or a flash mob for making it a grand proposal, you would surely not want everyone getting into a celebration mode without her even being present. Just imagine you standing there with Valentines Day roses, ready to go down on one knee and she is nowhere to be seen! That would be a real embarrassment.  You would also like to read: Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.

  • Inform Her Colleagues
    Who doesn’t want to take their women by surprise and propose her in the most romantic way possible? Offices are a very unusual place to make marriage proposals, and you need to get talking with her colleagues to move ahead with the plan. Find out if she’d be busy on that specific day, if there are any meetings coming up, and so on. The colleagues would also help you in making necessary arrangement and you can count on them for handling the situation if you get in any trouble. Before making the giant leap, you need to know the office scenario and her rapport with the fellow workers. You would need them to keep you updated at all times. If everything goes well, order flowers online or little gifts to thank them for their support.
  • These were some of the very important things you need to keep in mind while proposing her at work. Don’t forget to give her a beautiful ring, Valentine’s Day bouquet, and of course, speak your heart out; let her know how much she means to you. Not everyone gets the opportunity of letting their love know what they feel for them. Do not miss it or ruin it. Plan everything properly, talk to people, get everything in coordination and that’s it! You are all set to make the best proposal of your life to the woman of her dreams at the office!

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