This is How You Can Buy LUTO CASH Token, Tokenoy To Support

Online gaming and esports are popular in the technology startup arena as many crypto teams are using their expertise to bring new products with many features and quality tokens.

LUTO CASH team started its blockchain journey and getting into decentralized gaming to bring a new gaming platform for the blockchain community. The experienced developers of Luto Cash Technologies created LUTO Token chosen Binance Smart chain to create its native BEP20 token as a gas fee became a concern for the blockchain community. The token will be used as default asset to play the online games. 

LUTO Gets Support from Tokenoy

Considering the token’s potential, Tokenoy, a token sale management company, backed the blockchain startup and assisting the LUTO CASH team with contract auditing, token distribution, management, marketing, community management, and press campaign. 

The reinforcement of the Tokenoy team is quite helpful to build trust among the community as it supports only legitimate projects which match its selection criteria. 

According to the LUTO website, there isn’t any transaction fee associated with asset transfers or the buy-sell process, which will increase the speed of transactions.

Private, Pre Sale & LUTO Platform Launch

The team is raising funds through a private sale round while the pre-sale round is scheduled on dxsale. The funds raised through a private sale round will be used to market the token and its campaign. The private sale round is being managed by the tokenoy team too. 

The team is working on its platform development and launching its lotto platform soon after the pre-sale round and casino platform after four weeks from now. 

LUTO Referral Program To Earn LUTO Token

LUTO CASH token also offers a referral campaign for its private sale campaign and shares 05% of investment in LUTO tokens and BNB for each asset investment. If someone refers investors for 1 BNB, the referrer will get 5000 LUTO as a reward. If the amount is more than 4 BNB, then the company also offers the reward in BNB.

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