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Thomas Middelhoff has served as a board member and leader for some of the most prestigious organizations in the world, including the New York Times, Bertelsmann, and AOL. His life has been marked by numerous accomplishments, all of which helped him build his successful consulting firm, Middelhoff Consulting.

Learn more about his experience and how this qualifies him to provide strategic advice to companies that want to strengthen their digital business model. We’ll also give you an idea of what kinds of services he provides to his clients, and why he’s known for getting exceptional results. 

40+ Years of Entrepreneurship 

Around the world, Middelhoff has tackled a number of roles in high-profile businesses. As a member, chairman, and manager of a number of executive and supervisory boards, he’s learned how large organizations operate, and how to effect wide-scale change within them. He’s led more than 120 transactions in mergers and acquisitions, including AOL-Time Warner, Random House, and Thomas Cook Group.

Middelhoff also served as the CEO of Bertelsmann from 1998 – 2002, and helped to make it one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. Revenue increased by €8.3 billion and resulted in 6 times the shareholder equity. When the New York Times wanted to transition their paper to a digital format, they looked to Middelhoff to supervise the switch. Over the years, he’s built an impressive network of international advisors in private equity. 

The Services of Middelhoff Consulting

Middelhoff Consulting provides a number of services to companies that want to improve their bottom line. 

Company Assessment 

The overall landscape of your company will take into account everything from challenges to accomplishments to long-term goals. At Middelhoff Consulting, you can trust the staff to do their due diligence. Before making any change to an organization, they ensure they have a solid handle on how a client is positioned in the industry and what success will look like in the future. 

Competitor Analysis 

Competition isn’t always easy to identify or predict. Unfortunately, real threats can easily be ignored. Thomas Middelhoff’s firm can give clients a differentiated analysis that explores both sides of the coin. For clients who want the details of the entities they’re up against, this report tells them everything they want to know about the steps they’ll need to take to level the playing field. 

Digital Strategies 

Digital strategies are truly where Middelhoff shines as a consultant. As a professional who’s overseen some of the visible projects, including the NYT digital presence, he has the instincts and know-how to craft media that won’t disappoint a modern audience. Considering the ever-changing whims of browsers today, this is no easy feat. 

Financial Growth 

Ultimately, Middelhoff is looking for the straightest lines to financial growth for clients, particularly when demand is anything but predictable. His services focus on advising clients about how to achieve the best possible outcomes by presenting key evidence about their customers, industry, and output. Middelhoff wants everyone to make better decisions throughout the entire investment cycle. 

Mergers and Acquisitions 

After garnering years of M & A experience, Middelhoff helps clients in both the US and Asia on both sell- and buy-side. Timing, structure, finance: this is just the beginning of what leaders can expect when they hire the firm. The company has a proven history of generating tangible results, so clients can rest-assured they’ve done everything possible to improve their profitability. 

Negotiating and Closing 

There are few things worse than having the upper hand in a negotiation and failing to realize it. Middelhoff Consulting makes sure they do their homework so nothing is left on the table. The staff takes the lead on tender or exchange offer, so companies are certain they came away with a deal. 

A Better Approach 

Middelhoff has earned his reputation as a competent, educated, and experienced leader. He has the skills to improve performance, even in today’s rapidly shifting business climate. He dives deep into more than just the numbers and sets measurable, attainable goals for his staff and his clients to meet. The combination of his hands-on lessons and business acumen make him a popular choice for any company that wants to come out ahead. 

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