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This is for ladies who are super conscious about their home. Your house will never be a home without the perfect and most attractive outlook.

Women tend to spend most of their time in kitchens, specifically house wives. We all know that surroundings play a pivotal role in determining our interest in our work. The most important thing is having a high quality and efficient floor and wall tiles.

You can have a check at Spanish tiles or you can look for the antique tiles. a need analysis will always save your time and money so never ever forget that before starting to shop.

This is why you ought to do a little research. You might do a bit research at internet or you can ask some of your colleagues who recently end up building their house or office.

  • Statement style

This is the most easiest combination. You just have two pick two types of contrasting tiles which can be granite tiles and ceramics tiles.

You can have the ceramic tiles for the kitchen floors, having a checkboard in your kitchen can lit it up. For the walls a creamy blue or grey texture will be perfect. This way the kitchen look will be classy and exceptional. You will enjoy working in there. After you have done this try having some bright color lamps and lights around you for adding up some more flavor.

  • The monotonous experience

You can have a same wall and floor. Select a color such as cream color tiles, this will refresh your memories of childhood when you had the same color o the walls and also on the floor.

In this the most important thing is the color and texture. Here you can  not go for a dark color otherwise your kitchen will be the darkest place of your house.

  • Have wood

If you are a classy person and want something different you can have a woody appearance. This option is best for the floors when the kitchen cabinets are along the floor. Here you will have to get some textured or designed tiles for the walls.

Another thing you can do is having wallpaper and tiles both in your kitchen. This will give it a different and exciting feeling. Try to get some bright color tiles with some dim colored wallpapers. this might enhance the effect of the tiles and the kitchen as well.

  • Colors on the floor

Most of us will not like this idea but doing the opposite can sometimes be the game changers, you can have some designed and colorful tile son the floor instead of having them on the kitchen walls.

When you will do this you must have to get some plain tiles for the walls. As kitchen walls does not have any huge free patches because of the cabinets and the chimneys they will not be prominent. However the floor will be the only noticeable  thing and the  plain walls will reinforce the beauty of the enchanting floor.



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