Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Have you recently been relocated by your place of employment? Sometimes corporations open new branches as far away from home in the United States as Thailand or other Indonesian countries with economies that are growing by the day. Whether you were asked to relocate or have chosen to live abroad in a country quite favorable to foreign businesses, you are here now so how do you adapt? Here are some tips which just might help get you acclimated quicker than you thought possible!

What You Should Know from Day 1 – Ease of Doing Business

If you are in business for yourself or the director of a company branch in Thailand, this is something you must know from day 1. You should understand how favorable it is in Thailand for foreign entities to operate and here you should know that Thailand scores quite well!

Of all Indonesian countries, Thailand is ranked second best with only Malaysia earning a better score of 80.60. Thailand scored well at 78.45, but to put that in perspective, Lao PDR scored 51.25. Surprisingly, the Philippines scored only 57.68 and that is really a huge win for Thailand.

Thai Food Is Delightful – But Not for Everyone

Let’s step aside from business for just a moment because that will only consume a part of your day. Everyone needs to eat in order to survive and Thai food, although fragrant and delightful, isn’t for everyone! One thing you should know about Thai cuisine is that most dishes can be quite spicy.

Bear in mind that Thai peppers are 23 times hotter than Jalapenos, so you can imagine just how spicy Thai food can be! The great thing about living in a city the size of Bangkok with just over 8.2 million residents is that you can get Western food at certain grocery stores. Some like Villa Market have steak delivery Bangkok is famous for among Westerners living and working in this amazingly multicultural city.

Manners Are of Vital Importance

As with any Eastern country, manners are extremely important and if you intend to be successful in business, you had better brush up on Thai etiquette. For example, if asked which person they are looking to speak to, never point your finger! That is one of the worst offenses you can commit in terms of manners in any walk of life from personal to business etiquette. Nod your head in their direction instead.

In the end, you do want to be successful whether you work for someone else or are building your own brand in Thailand. Understand that the foods you eat are important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and if Thai cuisine isn’t your “cup of tea,” remember there are grocers that carry many authentic Western foods. Also, don’t forget how important manners are. Although it may take some getting used to, once you find that happy East-West balance, you will love your time living and working in Thailand.

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